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Back On Track ~ Week #9
Wednesday, February 21, 2007      1 comments

YaY! Well I am more than excited to report that I have FINALLY found my way out of the 150's!! WI today showed me great numbers on the scale ...numbers I haven't seen in a really long time. I'm happy to be sitting at 149.5 lbs!! Weight Watchers ... Read more
Back On Track ~ Week #8
Thursday, February 15, 2007      0 comments

Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!!! ...Very crappy news to report for my WI day (yesterday)! Gained 1.5 lbs which officially put me right back at the weight I started with eight weeks ago, ARGH!! Most of the morning was spent being very frustrated and mad at... Read more
Back On Track ~Week #7
Tuesday, February 13, 2007      1 comments

It's super hard to believe that I am still in the 150's. I am so upset with myself for not working harder these past weeks! I've never had such a hard time getting focused, motivated, encouraged to lose weight amazes me that I haven't been... Read more
Back On Track ~Week #6
Wednesday, January 31, 2007      0 comments

Well here we are last WI in January 2007! Hard to believe that I'm already in week six being back on track though. I have to admit I am frustrated with myself. I have been doing forty minutes of cardio everynight burning around 420 calorie... Read more
Back On Track ~Week #5
Wednesday, January 24, 2007      1 comments

HI everyone! Well here I am the end of week four ...started one month ago at 153 lbs and I'm at 151 ...argh!! I worked hard this past week, cardio everyday and 150 crunches which I am very excited about. It's hard to believe that under my extra ... Read more
Back On Track ~Week #4
Wednesday, January 17, 2007      0 comments

Well here I am ...week four already! Where has the time gone? I do have to admit that I'm a little dissapointed in myself at this moment. I've had three weeks to lose 3 lbs to hit 140's and here I am sitting at 150.5 lbs (lost .5 this past week!... Read more
Back On Track ~Week #3
Wednesday, January 10, 2007      0 comments

Here I am ...Week #3! WI for me today and I STS which I am thrilled about! Although I did exercise this past week it definitly wasn't as much as I had hoped for. I also didn't track my calories but was careful to stay roughly in my calori... Read more
Back On Track~Week #2
Wednesday, January 03, 2007      1 comments

Well here we are ...WI Wednesday for me and the start of Week #2. I had crossed my fingers for a 2 lb loss but it didn't happen ...I am OK with that though! The scale tells me I am 1 lb down, that puts me at 151 lbs :0) I also took my measuremen... Read more
Back On Track ~Week #1
Sunday, December 31, 2006      1 comments

Well here I go again! ...This time with an even bigger support system backing me than before. Honestly, I didn't think that was possible. When I started my journey back in 2005 (Sept 21) I weighed in at 207 lbs, since then I've lost quite a bit ... Read more
~*~1st Official Weigh In~*~
Monday, April 03, 2006      0 comments

GOOD Monday Morning! ... My first official WI with SparkPeople was today and the results are in ...DOWN 2 LBS! Which means I met my moms challenge for me this week, woo hoo! That puts my total weightloss to date at 52.5 lbs! ... Read more
~*~Week 1~*~
Sunday, April 02, 2006      0 comments

Well here I am, week 1 with SparkPeople and loving every minute of it! ...My first official Weigh In is tomorrow and I am looking very forward to it. I already feel better, I have gotten back into exercise and that makes me feel great! Walking t... Read more