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Today is a new day
Thursday, May 11, 2017      3 comments

I started a 14 day challenge on Tuesday. So far I HURT everywhere LOL. They aren't long videos but they are really working me. I am also tracking what I eat on here. I am not on a strict diet, just trying to stay within my caloric range. So... Read more
March 30, 2016 - Monday
Monday, May 30, 2016      2 comments

Well, my scale tells me it is time to get back to the gym. I have a membership at Planet Fitness. Today I am going to go and do some cardio. Tomo... Read more
6/3/2014 - Day in Review and Beginning Blog
Wednesday, June 04, 2014      2 comments

I have been away from here for awhile. I gained the weight back with my medications again (so frustrating). Anyway, I am working with a nutritionist to get past this even with fighting the medications. I started seeing the nutritionist ... Read more
8/22/12 - Day in Review
Thursday, August 23, 2012      5 comments

Today went good. Irritable but good. I heard back from my doctor and now he wants me to try Zoloft. I have been on that before and apparently didn't get the results they were looking for but willing to give it another try. I have been on so ... Read more
8/21/12 - Day in Review
Wednesday, August 22, 2012      2 comments

Today we went up and picked up Trina and the boys. We went to Old Country Buffet and had lunch/dinner together. I made good choices while I was there. I also got 2 hours of heavy house cleaning done before we left. Thought I was going to die... Read more
8/20/12 - Day in Review
Tuesday, August 21, 2012      3 comments

Today has been kind of a haze to me. I have been getting the house ready for my nephews tomorrow. I'm trying not to think too much about the next few days. Tomorrow I need to go and pick up the boys and their mom (they are going to be here to... Read more
8/19/12 - Day in Review
Monday, August 20, 2012      4 comments

emoticon Today I was NOT motivated. I know that it is going to happen and I am going to have to push myself.... Read more
8/18/12 - Day in Review
Saturday, August 18, 2012      4 comments

emoticon ... Read more
8/17/12 - Day in Review
Saturday, August 18, 2012      3 comments

I was so warm today I only did the minimum on exercise today, only 10 minutes. I am not feeling good today. Somedays my depakote upsets my stomach. Then I can't eat much because of the upset stomach but I get hungry because I haven't eaten. ... Read more
8/16/12 - Day in Review
Thursday, August 16, 2012      3 comments

Today I did Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies 1 for the first time in a long time. I definitly couldn't quite keep up and only was able to do about 35 minutes. I went as far as I could and then went to the cool-down part and the total equa... Read more
8/15/12 - Day in Review
Thursday, August 16, 2012      3 comments

Today I started fixing the exercise bike we got at a garage sale. I am going to have to find a new pair of pliers or a socket set to fix the seat properly, then I am going to have to slowly working my way up to 30 minutes. It will be extremely... Read more
8/14/12 - Day in review
Wednesday, August 15, 2012      3 comments

HEALTH - Today I did a walk around the block in the park. It is about 1/3 mile. I am working on my posture and my core muscles. I use to be able to walk longer but with proper posture I had to take a break half way and rest. Once I get to wh... Read more
8/13/12 - Day in Review
Tuesday, August 14, 2012      0 comments

Mentally: I finally heard back from the doctor who is covering for my doctor and they told me to stop taking the wellbutrin. Well, I am on my mood-stabilizer but no anti-depressant for at least another week. I am actually doing better since I... Read more
8/12/12 - Day in Review
Monday, August 13, 2012      1 comments

I decided to start writing down what I eat again. I'm not really worried about it but I do want to be able to look back and see what I have been eating. I wrote the doctor about my side effects I have been having with my medication (and ye... Read more
8/11/12 - Day in Review
Sunday, August 12, 2012      2 comments

I am still having problems with the medicine. I can't sleep more than an hour or maybe two at a time. We took my nephews home today and took the ferry over to Seattle to pick up my brother and for the first time in my LIFE I got sea sick. I a... Read more

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