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Long run on a sparkling day
Sunday, January 14, 2018      7 comments

So it was 12 degrees today. But the sun was shining and the sky was blue with scattered puffy white clouds. The snow on the ground was sparkling. So I se... Read more
The importance of things
Sunday, December 31, 2017      9 comments

Hunger is not an emergency. Those who have worked through the Beck Diet Solution are familiar with this concept. As I read this in combination with some other mindfulness books and watched the holiday craziness unfold at work, I realized that th... Read more
Iron Runner
Sunday, November 19, 2017      9 comments

Yesterday (with a rainy, muddy day trail run) was the last points race of the year for my local running group. I have joined this group the past few ye... Read more
Never eat standing up
Thursday, October 26, 2017      7 comments

Here's my confession: This rule is why I put off picking up The Beck Diet Solution earlier. I didn't want to abide by this rule. A few times a week I eat breakfast while prepping dinner. This is fine, I thought. I don't need to change this. It'... Read more
Beck Day 2: The Diet
Wednesday, October 25, 2017      2 comments

The task for today was to research and choose and first and a backup diet plan. It made me happy to realize that it has been a very long time since I thought about my food plan. It has definitely become habit. I began with the meal plans outli... Read more
Starting The Beck Diet Solution
Tuesday, October 24, 2017      4 comments

I've had this on my reading list for a while, as I have read so many Spark Friend blogs that reference it. Took me a while to get around to it because it sounded like a lot of "rules" and I resist hard and fast rules. But I have heard so many po... Read more
The blogs that never get typed
Saturday, September 16, 2017      4 comments

I have been writing most of my blogs in my head lately. Does anyone else find themselves word-smithing to the rhythm of their feet as they pass the miles... Read more
Am I There Yet?
Saturday, August 12, 2017      7 comments

Never thought it would be hard to decide when to say "I'm there". But over time I have slid my goal weight down many times. In fact, I never really set... Read more
A "me" (and dogs) day
Sunday, June 25, 2017      9 comments

My husband had an event at work yesterday and so had to work all day, and both sons were off traveling. I packed up our two dogs, a lunch, and a light b... Read more
Isn't it great to have three days??
Monday, May 29, 2017      5 comments

Oh, how wonderful it felt to have THREE days this weekend! Things have been really busy at work with the end of the school year and prepping for summer. And then there were staff people on vacation and others calling in with a variety of "emerg... Read more
Ready to get back at it
Sunday, May 21, 2017      5 comments

The past two weeks I have had to miss workouts due to my work schedule, and also didn't track foods. Did ok, maintained, but this week I think I will b... Read more
A beautiful day
Sunday, May 14, 2017      8 comments

Wow, what a gorgeous day we had! I started the morning with 6 mile jog. At an easy pace since I did a 4 mile race yesterday, and ran it pretty hard. To... Read more
Drying out
Sunday, May 07, 2017      6 comments

Had to dodge a lot of large puddles today, but I got my long run in! I needed that attitude adjustment of exercise and sunshine! I am a much more pleas... Read more
Getting close ...
Sunday, April 30, 2017      3 comments

So I had to click on "Read more about ..." On my own Spark Page to find out how long I've been a member on SparkPeople. 2011! Over that time, I have moved my goal weight down several times as I approached my goal and then decided I could do a bi... Read more
Good week and a long run
Sunday, April 23, 2017      3 comments

This week I exercised hard and ate well. Lost a full pound toward this week's 5% challenge (which is the goal, a pound per week), and followed my exerc... Read more

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