Day 51: The "I'm on a diet" mentality is the only constant in the universe
Tuesday, February 15, 2011      1 comments

Captain's Log Stardate 20110215: I've become rather afraid of the scale. OK, maybe the correct word is "terrified." No matter how much I might *appear* to be losing, I fear that some interplanetary alien is playing mind-games with my steel-enc... Read more
Day 37: Lost in the Delta Quadrant
Tuesday, February 01, 2011      1 comments

Captain's Log Stardate 20110201: I was appalled to find that all of my transmissions from the Delta Quadrant were lost over the past 30ish days; but, I must get over the hump and move on to continue my journey. First few weeks, I lost 5 pounds ... Read more
Day 14: The only solution is...a balance of power.
Sunday, January 09, 2011      2 comments

Captain's Log Stardate 20110109: Fell off the wagon *again* this weekend. *sigh* After downing a significant quantity of synthehol (aka, light beer), I found myself in front of an enormous pepperoni pizza calling my name. Next thing I knew, ... Read more
Day 9: Interplanetary Peace Talks Progressing
Tuesday, January 04, 2011      1 comments

Captain's Log Stardate 20110104: After a precarious journey through the neutral zone today, I am happy to report that day 9 was not was bad as expected. I got hungry in the afternoon but I'm finding that loading up on protein actually satisfie... Read more
Days 4-8: Klingons Attacking
Monday, January 03, 2011      1 comments

Captain's Log Stardate 20110103: Days 4-7 are a blur. The Klingons attacked and we had to take them prisoner. We were able to salvage some blood wine and mighty good pizza. Once the attack was thwarted, however, a system-wide alert was issue... Read more
Day 3: Food Macrovirus Attacking
Wednesday, December 29, 2010      1 comments

Captain's Log Stardate 20101229: Well, I got over the day 2 hump by drinking water and doing a quick 10 minute workout when my cravings were at their worst. It's so frustrating that my body wants so badly what it has such a difficult time proc... Read more
Day 2: Food Replicator Complications
Tuesday, December 28, 2010      0 comments

Captain's Log Stardate 20101228: At the beginning of day 2, as suspected, I awoke with a strange yearning for bagels with a side of bowtie noodles and red sauce. I of course wanted to pair this with a sweet merlot and a piece of pound cake for... Read more
Day 1: Where No One has Gone Before (ok, some have...)
Monday, December 27, 2010      4 comments

Captain's Log Stardate 20101227: So it's day 1 of my new "get spark" challenge. I've already put in three workouts this morning with only two left to go. The holidays took their toll as I repeated downed bottles (yes, bottles, not glasses) of... Read more