Tuesday, June 26, 2012      9 comments

Last week I had my boyfriend take a "before" picture. I don't have very many full length pictures of myself, and I figured it was time to have one. It's not a very attractive picture -- just got back from playing volleyball in 35 degree celciu... Read more
Week in Review
Monday, June 25, 2012      2 comments

Another week gone. Things are getting a little more interesting at work now, which is nice. Looking at June's goals: Be able to run 5K -- Started running again the last couple of weeks, but it's been a while since I did a longer run. I... Read more
Gloaty Pants Report
Thursday, June 21, 2012      3 comments

Yesterday was weigh in day at the gym. I don't usually record the gym scale weight since I use my own scale for that, but I use the body fat measurements from the gym's scale. My own scale measures body fat, but it seems to do so randomly, wit... Read more
Body Type
Wednesday, June 20, 2012      3 comments

I'm frustrated by my body type. I'm an apple shape. My bust and waist measurements are about the same. My hips are several inches smaller than my waist. When I lose weight, I tend to lose it from my hips first -- just where I don't need to l... Read more
Eat More to Weigh Less
Sunday, June 17, 2012      4 comments

Following the advice of the wonderful and motivating BOGUSANNIE, I've been investigating the idea of eating more to weigh less. The upper end of my Sparkpeople calorie range had been quite a lot less than my BMR and I've found that I'm constant... Read more
Weekly Review
Sunday, June 17, 2012      0 comments

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. My own dad is running a golf tournament today (and lives 2 hours away) and my kids dad is away for the weekend camping, so no father's day festivities for us. My son is out for the day at the beac... Read more
Could I sell these?
Friday, June 15, 2012      3 comments

A little over a week ago, I talked about having a product idea that I was hoping I could sell. The product is a hooded baby towel. I got one of these as a gift when my daughter was born (11 years ago -- I am getting old). When I tried it ... Read more
Friday, June 15, 2012      3 comments

I bought a copy of The Spark recently and started reading it this week. I'm not too far along yet, only finished chapter 2, but so far, I quite like the book. One of the reasons I like it is that to start out with, it's not all about weight lo... Read more
Morning Musings
Wednesday, June 13, 2012      4 comments

This morning I decided to embrace BOGUSANNIE's weekly challenge and change up my Sparkpage. The background image is one I took on a hike in Phoenix a couple of years ago. That hike kicked my butt -- it was about 45 degrees celcius, and even th... Read more
A few small steps
Tuesday, June 12, 2012      2 comments

Well, since yesterday's confession, I've taken a few small steps towards re-gaining financial stability. I have balances owing on 3 credit cards and 2 lines of credit. Since I had room on one of the lines of credit still, and it was lower inte... Read more
Putting it all out there - this week's challenge
Monday, June 11, 2012      4 comments

Well Sparkers, it has been another night of introspection for me. I've finally admitted to myself that I've been making choices that aren't leading me down the path that I say I want to be on. Now I need to make it public -- all those choices.... Read more
Week in Review
Saturday, June 09, 2012      1 comments

First of all, I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the Sparkers out there who left such supportive and helpful comments on my blog the other day. You guys rock!! ... Read more
Thursday, June 07, 2012      12 comments

Well Sparkers, I have a confession to make. Yesterday there was more news at work -- the VP of my team, who I liked and respected, left the company to take a job elsewhere. This is either the 3rd or 4th change in leadership since I took th... Read more
Weekly Mini Challenges
Wednesday, June 06, 2012      1 comments

Motivation has been a key issue for me in the last couple of months. As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I think work is having a big influence on my overall motivation level. And at any given time, of course, other things will influence ou... Read more
An inspiring encounter
Monday, June 04, 2012      5 comments

On Friday, a friend/colleague and I were chatting. She and I are on the same team at work, and we often commiserate about the state of our company. I told her about how I was tired of working for someone else and how I wanted to start a busine... Read more

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