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~~wedding rings,and lego's~~
Monday, April 13, 2009      4 comments

oh i am just loving all the little things im noticing.so im in the shower.i hear "ding"ding" i look down my wedding rings fell off ! they almost went down the drain! i stepped on them just in time,thank god! when my husband first gave them to me... Read more
~*finally home*~
Friday, April 10, 2009      3 comments

ahh..im home at last ,its been such a long day.thank god my momma baby sat for me.well my doctor appointment is over,it went well.i think together we came up with something that will hopefully work for me.diabetes runs on both sides of my family... Read more
~everything is loud!~
Thursday, April 09, 2009      4 comments

ahhh!! my mind just doesnt stop. i dont want to seem crazy or anything.but sometimes i just get to worrying about so any different things.so it becomes this loud screaming in my head! my head isnt right tonight.i havent said that in a long time.... Read more
Tuesday, April 07, 2009      4 comments

oh i woke up this morning,i power walked 2 miles in 30 min.im proud of myself.but boy i am just so sore.after doing the 40 min. of aerobics yesterday.dancing,also my quickfire.then today i really worked my legs again.i should start stretching b4... Read more
..good day gone bad..
Monday, April 06, 2009      4 comments

im having a pretty good day.our son let me sleep in until about 7:15 this morning.thats always a plus.lol.both me and my mom did great,today was our weigh in for our 8 week battle.i did my workout.i had a very busy morning.had to go into town,th... Read more
~the little things~
Sunday, April 05, 2009      4 comments

i have been noticing little things that i never did b4.like i was stretching ,and i could hold my leg up from behind.never could b4.not sure if i explained that right.lol. i was sitting in the floor,and i noticed i was sitting with my knee drawn... Read more
Saturday, April 04, 2009      2 comments

thank u for helping me become the person i need to be..which is a healthy wife ,and mother.without ur encouragement,i just might have given up.... Read more
~h*ll yes!~
Saturday, April 04, 2009      4 comments

oh i have not had a good 2 weeks.ive been very mad that i didnt see the scale move last weigh in.i know i shouldnt weigh myself during or around t.o.m.so anyways my weigh ins r on monday.i had to step on that scale today.. -5 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Read more
Friday, April 03, 2009      4 comments

well its over.i dropped my hubby off at the truck stop to go get his rig.i hope i see him soon.our little boy cried the whole way home.then cried himself to sleep.he never gets his daddy to himself,and he doesnt wanna let him go.but im sure wi... Read more
~sad....but happy~
Thursday, April 02, 2009      8 comments

a week ago i wrote in my blog about my husband losing his job.there were so many supportive people who left me many encouraging words.im happy to report that he has applied for many trucking jobs,and today he found out he got the job to the one ... Read more
~oh happy day~
Wednesday, April 01, 2009      4 comments

ok i guess i have my good days,and my not so good days.i was outside on our porch with our little boy.i was looking at myself in the glass on our storm door.this might sound weird,but i have had many surgeries.when i say many i mean about 7-9.i ... Read more
! mad,mad,mad!
Monday, March 30, 2009      7 comments

im trying,i workout everyday!i am just so mad that the scale didnt move.theres no way im gonna meet my goal for my eight week battle challenge if this keeps happening .i have lost a few inches though.if i wouldnt have,i think i would of said for... Read more
``hope im doin this right``
Sunday, March 29, 2009      4 comments

i have read about many people going through a plateau ,im very worried about this.i know im suppose to switch up my routine every now and then.so those of u who read this let me know what u think.i workout everyday(but sunday).it varies but usua... Read more
..still here..
Saturday, March 28, 2009      4 comments

oh today i just cant get going .t.o.m,and im hurting.so tired.u all know how it is.i still got in 30 min of aerobics.+my quick fires.my husband is home,and this is hard around him.he loves all the food im trying to stay away from.ice cream,snack... Read more
thank u....
Thursday, March 26, 2009      0 comments

everyone who read my previous blog (phone call).thank u so much for all of ur encouraging words.i really needed to hear the things all of u said.as long as we dont have to cancel our internet,i will keep u all posted.im trying really hard not to... Read more

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