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Swimming with the Songs
Tuesday, February 17, 2009      1 comments

OK, I have had the FINIS SwiMP3v2, Waterproof MP3 Player ... Read more
Monday, February 09, 2009      1 comments

OK, let's just back up a sec. I swim. I like it. But when I am at the gym? I look like a complete idiot. A swim "nerd", if that's possible. Because I get bored so easily. And I have no air cuz I'm a fat girl. And...I'm a nerd...LOL ... Read more
Fat Girl Swimming
Saturday, February 07, 2009      3 comments

I found my thing. I mean, I have always loved swimming...but sooooooooooooo boring. You do get into a zen thing after a bit, but I always thought the time would go by so much quicker if I had music or a book on tape or something. Now I do... Read more
Boot Camp is Done
Monday, February 02, 2009      0 comments

So. I started the Official SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp on January 4th. Part of the challenge was to post my before pics, weight, goals, etc, on my page. Much as I hate to have any pics taken of me right now, I posted 3. One shows the horr... Read more
The New Machine
Saturday, January 31, 2009      0 comments

Exercise is so hard for me. Not doing it...just...well, DOING it. It's tedious and there a gazillion things I would rather do. Maybe a that more? Let's use...infinite. There. That works. I love TV, I love movies, I love... Read more
Friday, January 23, 2009      1 comments

OK, I hope I can get out of bed tomorrow. I made it to the gym. Yaaaay! I did 50 minutes on the bike at 11.2 mph. I did 15 minutes on the elliptical, but my legs had turned to gelatin, and Jillian wasn't in my face screaming "KEEP GOING!... Read more
Over the to heal my head
Thursday, January 22, 2009      0 comments

I am struggling. I'm over the cold I had for most of the month. For the most part. But, I am still sick. In my head. I need to exercise...a lot. I know this. I love the Biggest Loser. I watch it every week. I know how much they work... Read more
SP New YOU Bootcamp
Sunday, January 04, 2009      0 comments

I started the Official SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp on January 4th. The first workout is complete, and the challenge today is to post my before pics, weight, goals, etc, on my page. Weight: 250 Goal loss for bootcamp: 15 pounds Much... Read more
Doing OK...
Tuesday, December 30, 2008      0 comments

So far, so good. Did my workout 3 days in a row. Even though I had half my mouth scaled yesterday and the other half will be done today. In my previous mindset, that would be enough for a cake and ice cream binge...and skipping the workouts. ... Read more
Holding Steady...
Sunday, December 28, 2008      0 comments

That counts, right? I mean, I lost weight for the first 5 months of this year. Then I kind of stayed here. Now, to be fair, I haven't really been trying. I have been just, eating...and living...and working out...meh, when I felt like it. ... Read more
Happy Turkey & Faux Potatoes
Monday, November 24, 2008      1 comments

Decided my sweet DH was going to have a thanksgiving meal he could eat! Rotissing a Turkey in my Showtime [if you don't have one of these, holy cow. I love mine to pieces], making sugar free cranberry salsa to top it, ordering a low carb pecan ... Read more
Monday, September 15, 2008      2 comments

When I gained this weight, one of the first things that happened was the swelling in my hands, feet and legs. I actually blamed the weight gain on the swelling. The doctor put me on Lasix. Made me pee a lot, but didn't make me skinny, dammit.... Read more
Back with a mission
Wednesday, September 03, 2008      1 comments

OK, I am back...and doing fairly well. I have lost the few pounds I gained back during my break...and some. I am nearly to 40 pounds down from when I started SP. I think the thing I am most surprised at is the fact that I have been doin... Read more
Fell off the wagon...
Saturday, August 23, 2008      0 comments

...and seem to be dragging along behind it! When I have the exercise thing going, the food goes all to heck. Started doing Turbo Jam...pretty much 4 times a week for the last few weeks. But also? Eating everything in sight. Which wi... Read more
Diet, interrupted
Monday, June 30, 2008      1 comments

Yeah, blah, blah. I had a interrupted the eating's over now, I'm back. I actually didn't do too horribly...but had a few binge days...a few too many. Like I said, though, better now. Not gonna beat myself up over ... Read more

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