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Saturday, March 25, 2017      6 comments

I feel disgusting. Starting last year, I worked at a place that always had sugary, processed garbage in the copier room. I couldn't completely avoid the copier room because I had to make copies, so I gave in to temptation all the time. I never h... Read more
Calories Burned; Burns Supper
Tuesday, January 10, 2017      2 comments

I'm doing well with my nutrition and fitness goals. One thing I'm concerned about is how many calories my FitBit says I'm burning. I have my SparkPeople settings such that "calories burned" syncs directly to my SparkPeople fitness tracker from m... Read more
Obligatory New Year's Post
Monday, January 02, 2017      1 comments

Well, it's the New Year, so of course I've got to post! I'm going to do a stream-of-consciousness entry without looking at the computer screen. I'm here because I don't like my body. I'm also here because I love my body. I vacillate back an... Read more
Returning to SparkPeople
Tuesday, December 13, 2016      2 comments

I'm coming back to SparkPeople because using only my FitBit app isn't cutting it. I need the motivation, articles, and community that SparkPeople provides. It seems as if every year, I gain a little weight, and it's really bothering me. Although... Read more
One thing I'd like to accomplish in the next ten days
Wednesday, July 08, 2015      2 comments

In the next ten days, I want to feel more energized after work. I want to feel ready to continue doing things after I finish at my sauté station at 3 PM, instead of just wanting it to be 9 PM as soon as possible so I can go to bed.... Read more
What is your relationship with food?
Tuesday, July 07, 2015      3 comments

I'm trying SparkCoach, and today it asked me what my relationship with food is on a scale of 1-10. One is very unhealthy, and 10 is very healthy. I would rate myself a 7. I generally know how to make good choices, but since I work at a restauran... Read more
Motivational Quote
Sunday, July 05, 2015      2 comments

My favorite motivational quote is on the board in the break room of Second Helpings, where I volunteer. It says, "Love people. Cook them tasty food." That's what I do at my job every day.... Read more
How often do you give 100% in your workouts?
Friday, July 03, 2015      3 comments

My answer to this question is "almost never." Perhaps my idea of 100% is different from what SparkCoach has in mind, but I'm afraid to give a true 100% because I'm afraid I'll be too tired to work for 40 hours a week on my feet if I work out too... Read more
"Before" Pictures for 5% Challenge
Saturday, June 27, 2015      5 comments

I'm starting the 5% Challenge today as a member of the Champions in the Kitchen team! I'm looking forward to going from 140.4 pounds to 133.4 pounds. Seven pounds may not sound like much, but I feel it will make a big difference in how my clothe... Read more
Keep On Keeping On
Sunday, June 14, 2015      0 comments

Yesterday, I went to Indianapolis's Pride Parade and Festival. It was fun! I ought to have drunk more water and rested my feet more, but I did drink a good amount of water, and resting my feet wasn't really an available option. My plantar fascii... Read more
Always Starving from Working
Thursday, June 11, 2015      0 comments

I'm finding it impossible to stay within my calorie range on days where I work, and it's discouraging me enough that I'm considering ditching the stress and guilt by no longer tracking my food. Tracking my food is not even causing me to eat heal... Read more
Started 28-day Bootcamp today!
Wednesday, June 10, 2015      1 comments

I just finished Video 1 of the 28-day Bootcamp. I thought it was a really good workout, even though it was only 10 minutes long. I'm tired from doing it! I'm also reading "The Spark Solution," which I checked out from my local library, to j... Read more
Went Over
Monday, June 08, 2015      1 comments

What is my problem?! I was so good about my eating all day, and I did 26 minutes of yoga. Then, after dinner, there was a bag of oatmeal cookies on the table, and I reached for it without thinking. Because of that decision, I went over my goals ... Read more
Just joined the Official Better Sleep Challenge
Saturday, June 06, 2015      1 comments

I recently downloaded a free app called SleepBot, and it has informed me that I'm thrashing around enough so that the app thinks I wake up five times during the night! I don't know if it's saying that because I move around so much in my sleep, o... Read more
Vegetarian - but I ordered the Spark Activity Tracker
Friday, June 05, 2015      1 comments

So I chose not to continue my vegan experiment, mostly because it made it nearly impossible to eat anything good at work or when I went out to eat. I also felt more anxious than usual because I was constantly thinking about what I was going to e... Read more

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