monday--back from vacay
Monday, June 01, 2015      5 comments

good morning! rob was on vacation and we had a working vacay. and brother, did we work! we were outside by about 7 each morning--working throughout the day. I managed to do leslie a couple times but most of the time I was just moving, liftin... Read more
sweetest little dogs
Saturday, May 23, 2015      5 comments

hi--just a quick post here with a picture that sherri took. we had so much fun Thursday--first the dog show and then a trip to our favorite nursery. we all fell in love with these sweet little dogs--they are snugglers to the MAX. this pic is ... Read more
thursday--ROAD TRIP
Thursday, May 21, 2015      5 comments

good morning. yesterday was one of those days--I was running around like a maniac but I have no idea what I got done during the process. got a letter finalized, okayed by my lawyer and sent to the state. cindy came by and started weeding (BLE... Read more
Wednesday--big butt cake and other things
Wednesday, May 20, 2015      5 comments

hi everyone--Eileen asked me to share the big butt recipe. first off--you CAN make a healthy version of the cake by substituting any or all of the following: whey sugar for the cake ingred. sugar fat free sour cream 1 whole egg and 2 egg... Read more
tuesday--after the heat wave
Tuesday, May 19, 2015      6 comments

good morning! well yesterday the high was near 90 and the humidity was stifling. today if we make it to 60 it will be a miracle. spring in Indiana. at least there are not frost's predicted although tonight the low will go down to 38. time t... Read more
Monday, May 18, 2015      5 comments

good morning! well, despite damp, humid, hot and cloudy weather, we had a good weekend. on Saturday I told rob I really wanted to go to kalamazoo and visit my favorite nursery in all the world, river street flowerland. they have a wonderful s... Read more
Friday, May 15, 2015      4 comments

good morning! going to be cloudy and damp-ish here today--but warm. looks like the next 4 or 5 days will be like this. a light rain came through about 4 am, but its not raining now and doesn't look like any is en route--so I will download wee... Read more
tuesday--errand fatigue
Tuesday, May 12, 2015      4 comments

good morning! well yesterday was rainy--with the promise of more rain, followed by rain. managed to get my run in before it hit. by the time I got out of the shower at home, the sky had gone to neutral gray and any hope of outside work went w... Read more
Monday, May 11, 2015      5 comments

good morning. if you can't tell what this is--(I am such a great photographer) its a tree frog peering out of a little mini birdhouse on my trellis. if you notice--he has match... Read more
friday--the eating disaster that was thursday
Friday, May 08, 2015      4 comments

good morning! I don't know what happened yesterday. some days eating carefully just doesn't happen. at least right now I am so active that it kind of balances out. started morning off fine--ate a decent breakfast. didn't exercise because I... Read more
cooking disasters and broken glass
Thursday, May 07, 2015      5 comments

good morning! well--my yogurt was a complete fiasco. I have made it lots of times but this time I think everything that could go wrong did. bottom line--threw out 1/2 gallon of milk at the end of the process. still haven't made the banana br... Read more
tuesday--rainy morning
Tuesday, May 05, 2015      5 comments

good morning! its raining here, and the plants are very happy about it. the potting continues and I am making progress. the dormant crowns of queen of the prairie that I potted are starting to show growth--and I am so pleased. I have grown t... Read more
Monday, May 04, 2015      3 comments

good morning! had a busy, productive weekend. I LOVE this time of year--not only because the weather breaks, but because I begin to connect with so many garden friends--it always lifts my spirits. I took a few things up to the kitchen stor... Read more
Friday, May 01, 2015      2 comments

good morning--well the season is upon me and it has landed with a giant thud in the form of a huge shipment of plants that arrived yesterday: 7 boxes of beautiful plants, i... Read more
crazy stuff
Wednesday, April 29, 2015      5 comments

good morning--well--our weekend was well--pretty much nuts. Saturday was cloudy and wet, so we went to a pottery gallery and rob bought me two lovely pieces for my birthday gift. I got a big bowl with a carved surface and deep brown glaze call... Read more

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