Thursday, August 28, 2014      4 comments

good morning. well the peach salsa is in the jars--and I have a few peaches left so I think I am going to try a recipe for peach barbecue sauce to use them up. and I want to bake dog treats today too--I have a couple leftover bananas. Patric... Read more
Wednesday, August 27, 2014      2 comments

good morning. yesterday was eventful--Debbie came over and we waited to be patched into the conference call at the lawyer--it didn't work, so we got the condensed version from my brother after the fact. the overall picture is that everything w... Read more
Tuesday, August 26, 2014      6 comments

hi everyone--going to be a scorcher here--hot and humid. the hard part is the fact that we haven't had this kind of weather much this year, so we aren't used to it. of course the van decided it was time for the air conditioning to crap out--and... Read more
Monday, August 25, 2014      3 comments

good morning--my apologies for not writing if you have posted on my blog--trying to get back to "normal" this week. I have read and appreciated everyone's comments very much--thank you for taking the time. we had a nice weekend--got some pe... Read more
Thursday, August 21, 2014      4 comments

is that what day it is? its all sort of a blur. looks like it rained again last night. we went to cooking class the other night--lots of fun. a very small class so we got a lot of individual instruction from chef brad and Nicole. it was ver... Read more
thanks everybody
Tuesday, August 19, 2014      4 comments

hi all--thanks for the kind words and condolences about my mom's passing. we are still in recovery mode here. we had a care conference for dad yesterday--he is doing fine, and the people are all very dedicated and caring, so at least we fee... Read more
rough stuff
Wednesday, August 13, 2014      9 comments

hi folks--sad news--my mom died early Monday morning. she crashed again at the rehab place and they sent her back to the hospital. from what the nurses told us at the hospital, she must have gone into heart block or something and her heart jus... Read more
friday--hoping for a good day
Friday, August 08, 2014      5 comments

good morning everyone! well after a very hectic few days my dad is in the memory center and I am fairly certain mom is at the rehab place. the social worker from the hospital called to say they had scheduled a 5 pm transfer yesterday. rob has... Read more
quick update
Monday, August 04, 2014      5 comments

hi everyone--thanks for all your replys on my blog. things are not going well--mom had to go back to the hospital after one very traumatic day at my house. she is now on a ccu floor. doing better, but has a long way to go. she had some signi... Read more
quick post
Wednesday, July 30, 2014      5 comments

hi everybody--just a quickie--my mom had her surgery Monday and crashed in the recovery room. she has spent a very tough couple days and I have basically been living at the hospital. doing much better today and supposed to come home sometime t... Read more
lemon chicken and lemon pasta
Friday, July 25, 2014      5 comments

hi! adakara asked for these recipes: the lemon chicken is simple--chicken breast cut into tenders, good olive oil and lemon juice. salt and pepper. I just mix everything into a bag, let it all sit in the frig for awhile--(longer than I anti... Read more
friday--the thursday that wasn't
Friday, July 25, 2014      7 comments

good morning everybody! yesterday was just a very strange day. started off flying around to get ready for my garden tour. had to take shambles to the groomer--so I was out... Read more
wednesday--cooler morning!
Wednesday, July 23, 2014      3 comments

yep--it rained last night--which we needed, and this morning is cool and comfy. getting ready today for the garden group that is supposed to show up tomorrow--not sure if I am going to get any kind of a heads up as to who is coming. so I will ... Read more
tuesday--gonna be a HOT day!
Tuesday, July 22, 2014      4 comments

good morning everybody! today the temp is supposed to get up to around 90--planning to grout my birdhouses today, and work on my daylilies a little. its kettlebells day, so my workout is indoor. got my 3 miles done yesterday, and wed. its sup... Read more
monday--great visit from a friend
Monday, July 21, 2014      2 comments

good morning everyone! the weekend was a full and busy one. Saturday a very dear friend I haven't seen in awhile stopped by for a visit. hayden is young--I think he just recently turned 20--and about a year ago he left this area to take a flo... Read more

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