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Friday Morning
Friday, June 05, 2009      2 comments

Friday is possibly the worst day of the week for me. But yesterday, I stayed around my calories without bingeing, and I plan to do the same today. This is the last day of this quarter, so I'm really happy I get to relax for the next couple of w... Read more
Thursday Noon
Thursday, June 04, 2009      2 comments

See where I'm going with this? Habit, habit, habit. I'm about to go make lunch! And now, while I eat my lunch, I'm going to think about my goals. I'm committed to this for the next four days - three and a half days. I'm going to focus on... Read more
Thursday Morning
Thursday, June 04, 2009      1 comments

All right then. No sense in making myself totally miserable. Its a new day and all that. I wouldn't naturally be thing this way, but all the kind people who left comments on my blog can be very persuasive. :) So then, I don't feel totally ... Read more
Wednesday Night
Thursday, June 04, 2009      4 comments

So I still haven't found my momentum. It is very discouraging to stay within my calories for two or three days, then spend three or four days eating a thousand calories over. Sigh. Especially because I had lost two pounds, then I gained them ... Read more
Monday Morning
Monday, June 01, 2009      6 comments

Things always seem abundantly clear to me on Mondays - why did I go to the cheese factory for a tour and ice cream? Why did I go out for dinner, have two huge beers and eat EVERYTHING? Why did I come home and continue to eat .. wait for it ...... Read more
28 May 09
Thursday, May 28, 2009      2 comments

One of my friends wants to hang out today, which is my busy Thursday. I know I want to go home and work on my novel, and that I should go running, but I feel like I need to visit my friend (I haven't seen her for three weeks). Point one: I wa... Read more
Thursday, May 21, 2009      0 comments

I just got done running for 35 minutes. Im usually opposed to saying things that are optimistic, but I've been setting myself up for success for the past month and a half. I've joined a running group and I've been keeping to my workouts pretty... Read more
Thursday, January 08, 2009      1 comments

I've been at this forever with absolutely no success. It is ridiculous. I am so damn good at everything else that I try, but this one thing has been stumping me for over two years! Excuses, excuses, always with the excuses. If I'm working ou... Read more
Day 4 ( I think?)
Thursday, September 27, 2007      0 comments

Well, this isn't going well at all. I am bad at dieting, I knew this. But Ice Cream is terrible for me. It sits in my freezer, looking at me with a sly smile and an arrogant twist of chocolate syrup. But I love it! Oh how I love it. So I'm great... Read more