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New motivation
Friday, November 16, 2007      0 comments

I have a new motivation and outlook on this weight loss journey I am on. I have found a new friend and she is the spark that I needed to get going again...thanks to her, I have that drive to get my butt to workout and think about food as a frie... Read more
Wednesday, September 19, 2007      2 comments

Well...I made it through the surgery with flying colors. According to the doctor that did the surgery, he was glad I decided to get it out now cause it was more progressed than he thought. He wondered why I wasnt having more pain and problems ... Read more
Progress information
Tuesday, August 28, 2007      0 comments

Here's some more progress information that is cluttering my spark page, but didnt want to delete: 4 months later: Apr. 26, 2007: 242.3 5 months later: May 26, 2007: 234.6 6 months later: June 26, 2007: 237 ... Read more
Tuesday, August 28, 2007      0 comments

Well I am having gallbladder surgery on August 31 @ 145pm...I have been having problems for awhile and before I get pregnant again next was recommended to me that I should get it removed to prevent something happening during pregnancy ... Read more
Monday, August 20, 2007      0 comments

Dance as though no one is watching, Love as though you’ve never been hurt, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth. ... Read more
Wow...way off the path here...
Wednesday, August 15, 2007      0 comments

Well I am finally back on here after being off for about 2-3 months. I guess I wanted to see how I would do trying to go it on my own... and I must say that I didnt do to bad, but I didnt lose any more weight I guess that's good (at... Read more
Progress so far...
Tuesday, May 08, 2007      0 comments

I dont want to clutter my page, so I will now be posting my older weights in here: SP SW: Dec. 26, 2006: 259 1 month later: Jan 26, 2007: 250.8 My birthday: Feb 7, 2007: 246.6 2 months later: Feb. 26, 2007: 246.2 3 months later: Mar... Read more
Starting to get somewhere...
Tuesday, May 08, 2007      0 comments

Ok- so I am trying to change my types of exercise and it seems to be working- thank you Gina- and I am glad to say that I finally got off of my 246lbs plateau. I did get a video through netflix, but havent been able to use it yet cause when th... Read more
New Motivation...
Wednesday, April 11, 2007      1 comments

I found a new source of motivation today...a friend Gina on spark people enlightened me to a new way of thinking about losing weight and once you get into the habit of it, then it's not as bad as it seems in the beginning. I reached a plateau f... Read more
Getting back on track...
Wednesday, March 21, 2007      0 comments

Well I fell off the wagon and need to get back on little baby was sick with pneumonia and I literally just grabbed what was available and in reach because I was caring for him and forgot about the weight jumped back up to ... Read more
Sunday, March 04, 2007      0 comments

Well I got though the wedding with flying colors. When I put on my dress, it was actually a little loose...I was so pumped. I would have liked for them to take it in a little more, but didnt have time for the alterations to be done in time fo... Read more
Making Progress
Friday, February 09, 2007      0 comments

Well I am currently down 11 pounds and loving every time I get on the scale...I mean I actually look forward to every morning when I weigh's such a wonderful feeling to know that this is actually working and I am keeping up with it!!... Read more
Tuesday, January 09, 2007      1 comments

Working on reading more articles and teaching myself what sizes the different portions are to not keep over eating. I have lost three pounds so far and hope to keep on the right track!... Read more

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