Kinda tired
Saturday, July 11, 2009      0 comments

I had a great workout this morning. I am kinda tired this afternoon. As a matter of fact I just woke up from a nap. I need to go to the market to buy some things to make a birthday cake. DH isn't home yet. I hope he gets here before I get out of... Read more
Graduation Day
Friday, July 10, 2009      3 comments

Finally the last day of training! The company had a dinner for friends and family. Fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and cookies. Not a diet friendly meal. Plus, I hate fried chicken. However my husband enjoyed the spre... Read more
Need to walk more
Thursday, July 09, 2009      1 comments

I am walking better so I feel that I need to put on my shoes and get to stepping! I am very slow, but I did a little walking today. I can't wait until I have my own desk. I will walk during breaks and lunch. This will be a good way to get strong... Read more
A little swollen
Wednesday, July 08, 2009      2 comments

I went to the doctor today and he says I am healing well. Just a little swollen. I guess I need to go back to being wrapped in ice. I went to the low impact water class today since I got out of the doctor's office in time to go to it. The j... Read more
Tuesday, July 07, 2009      1 comments

I received my pedometer from Virgin Health Miles last night. I got it registered and started walking today. I don't go very far, but I figure that I will be able to walk further each day. Tomorrow I will go to the doctor.... Read more
Monday, July 06, 2009      2 comments

Today was a big do nothing day in training. We had a worksheet leftover from Friday. Did another 2 worksheets then listened to some calls. The air made me stiff but at least I am not swollen. Another lady who had surgery returned to work today... Read more
The cheese did me in!
Sunday, July 05, 2009      0 comments

We went to the godchildren's house Friday. Kendra made some cheesy food and we had some raw veggies. The cheese did me in and I was sick. Had to rest yesterday. Feeling better today. Will finish the pair of socks I made for DH. I am going to ... Read more
At Last!
Thursday, July 02, 2009      3 comments

I love the website
m .There is a space at work where you can take your weight, body fat and blood pressure. The site gives points for improvements in each. This is a great tool for keeping up with my me... Read more
Walking without the cane...Oops!
Wednesday, July 01, 2009      2 comments

Training is almost over! We observed people on our teams for a couple of hours...tomorrow we will discuss what happened ... Read more
Day Six
Monday, June 29, 2009      4 comments

Still in new hire training. Again nothing that I didn't know...I am just glad that I haven't fallen asleep in class ... Read more
Evaluating Last Week
Sunday, June 28, 2009      2 comments

It's a new week and I am praying that it will be better than last week. I got up at 5:30 every day but didn't have time to exercise before I got to work. In the past this would have been enough time to get exercise in. I don't see me getting up ... Read more
It's Saturday-Ankle pain-Need to sell afghan
Saturday, June 27, 2009      3 comments

My ankle is not swollen today; but I have pain in the left knee and ankle. I have confirmed that the cause of the ankle swelling is not being able to keep my legs elevated. I need to figure this problem out so that I will be able to do this job.... Read more
Day Five: A new hire...not quite
Friday, June 26, 2009      0 comments

Whew! I was really tired today. Came home and went to sleep for two hours! There was a test today-no challenge. There were system problems but remarkably we stayed on schedule. The guy told you about that was late every day was in the cla... Read more
Day Four back at work as new hire....
Thursday, June 25, 2009      1 comments

Before I get into my life, I am tripping that two celebs died in one day...three this week. I am watching CNN and they keep saying that they have not confirmed but E! CBS, LA Times even Fox News statted that Michael Jackson has died. CNN has spo... Read more
Day Three: At work in Nikes
Wednesday, June 24, 2009      2 comments

Today was a shorts day. We were allowed to wear shorts and sneakers. I had no swelling so I need to get a doctor's excuse to wear my Nikes. Another boring day in New Hire training. Today he taught how to get on the system. I worked there for 6... Read more

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