Back with the living...
Monday, October 18, 2010      1 comments

... after a week of being ill. I was down all weekend but am starting to feel better. All that is left is my lingering sinus infection which I always get after being sick. I made a doctor's visit and filled a prescription for antibiotics. It... Read more
A little better...
Friday, October 15, 2010      3 comments

Good Morning Spark Friends. I woke up this morning after a good night's sleep feeling a little better than yesterday. I hope this means that I might be on the upswing after being sick for three, now four, days. I was so excited about getting ... Read more
Worse? Really!?!?
Thursday, October 14, 2010      4 comments

Good morning Spark Friends. I'm so upset. I have tried so hard to do the right thing this week. I've been fighting off a sore throat, cough and sinus pressure. I've been resting, drinking my weight in fluids (yep, that is A LOT), and I haven... Read more
Wednesday, October 13, 2010      2 comments

I am feeling like crud today! I felt it coming on about midday yesterday and by last night was officially sick. I've been coughing and feeling achy. The good news is that I drank my weight yesterday in hot, decaffinated tea.... granted, tea d... Read more
Starting Over.... Again
Tuesday, October 12, 2010      4 comments

I am sheepishly returning to SP after being away for over a year. I've gained about half of my weight back and am having to start over from ground zero. I'm here because I don't know where else to go. I remember how much support I received her... Read more
Understanding the Struggle
Tuesday, August 04, 2009      4 comments

It is amazing what you can accomplish with the right frame of mind. I have been away for much too long. And, I feel it all over... in my body, in my mind, and in my soul. The few times that I have visited Spark over the past months was to visit ... Read more
New Year's Revelation
Monday, January 05, 2009      2 comments

While having dinner last night with a friend, she mentioned that she had a New Year's Revelation. This lead us into this long conversation about the difference between a Resolution and Revelation. The motivation for each comes from a completely ... Read more
Growth from 2008
Tuesday, December 30, 2008      2 comments

The year end challenge is to write a blog about what experiences in 2008 helped me grow, what choices am I proud of and to identify at least 1 bad choice I made and describe something positive that I can take away from that experience. I al... Read more
Holiday Blues
Sunday, December 28, 2008      3 comments

This is the first Christmas that I ever felt so depressed about being alone. Although I spent Christmas day with family and a friend later in the afternoon, I have still experienced overwhelming feeling of loneliness. This is the first time that... Read more
2008 - A Year To Remember
Monday, December 22, 2008      6 comments

I can't believe that the holidays are here again. I know I'm getting old because the years go by faster each year. It feels like I just celebrated the 2008 New Year about six months ago. So, here is my year in review... - I turned 40 and ce... Read more
Back in the Saddle
Monday, December 15, 2008      10 comments

Baby steps for me this month to get back on track. I've been gone for a couple of months and it has hurt me greatly... my health plan suffered. I need the support of Spark people to be successful. I cannot do it alone. I have continued to ... Read more
All Work and No Play Makes Cat Coo-Coo
Tuesday, October 21, 2008      4 comments

My life has been all consumed with work lately. I don't remember the last time I put in such long days. It is so bad that I find myself dreaming about what I need to do and waking up panicked that things are not done. Sometimes when I wake up at... Read more
Crawling for the Cure
Wednesday, October 08, 2008      5 comments

Seriously, in Denver they need to change the name from Race for the Cure to Crawl for the Cure or Stroll for the Cure. I was cracking up at the irony of the word 'race' because it was so jammed with people that a race just wasn't accurate. When ... Read more
Beyond Sore
Saturday, October 04, 2008      6 comments

Woah! I really pushed myself this week. It feels great to have done so much this week. I have gotten to that point in which being sore just feels normal. After completing a strength training challenge on Wed, I then had a PT visit on Friday in w... Read more
Feeling is Healing
Sunday, September 28, 2008      8 comments

What a difference days can make! My last blog had me pretty low in the dumps but today I am back up and feeling good. My outlook is bright and I'm ready to get back into my program 100%. I saw a movie today where someone said, "Feeling is... Read more

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