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I can tell I have changed
Sunday, July 18, 2010      4 comments

Last night we had a tremendous storm that knocked out power all over the place. We were without electricity for over 15 hours and the day was hot and muggy. Luckily we had cooled the house down last night and by keeping everything shut up and ... Read more
The gifts of therapy
Saturday, July 17, 2010      3 comments

In a few weeks, actually Aug. 4th, I will be having my final visit with my therapist. We have been together, except for a six month break, for over 8 years. I am excited, elated and nervous and anxious, but I know because of the work I have do... Read more
News about Friend
Friday, July 16, 2010      2 comments

I talked with my friend yesterday and this morning. She asked the dr. for some anti-anxiety meds and they will help her get through until the anti-depressants kick in. I took her some coffee this morning and she seemed much better. She had a ... Read more
Sad about Best Friend
Thursday, July 15, 2010      8 comments

My dearest friend has so many wonderful talents, is a terrific teacher and met the love of her life about 8 years ago. Both she and her dearest were older and had been separated for years from their spouses. They found such a spark of love in ... Read more
Yin Yoga
Monday, July 12, 2010      5 comments

After an incredibly active weekend with 10 hours of Anusara yoga (very physical, taxing on body and brain as you work to inward spiral and pull back your thighs while outward spiraling and pulling your shins together while rooting down from your... Read more
Yoga Weekend
Sunday, July 11, 2010      2 comments

When I signed up for the weekend of yoga with Desiree Rimbaugh, I noticed that each of the four sessions were 2. 5 hours long I figured, well, since these are called workshops, there would be a combination of instruction, discussion and practic... Read more
Fear about something I love.
Tuesday, July 06, 2010      6 comments

I love yoga. That's important to know. In fact this weekend I will be doing 10 hours of yoga. A nationally known teacher is coming to town to do 4 workshops 2 1/2 hrs. each- on on Friday evening, two on Saturday and one Sunday morning. Th... Read more
Oh, how quickly it disappers
Saturday, July 03, 2010      3 comments

I haven't been on my bike for two weeks since my DH took a spill and dislocated his ring finger. I had been away from it for a couple weeks before that. Did a little stationary bike last week, but it's not the same as being outside. I have s... Read more
Yoga for body and soul
Thursday, July 01, 2010      6 comments

I hated exercise. I never found any physical activity I could do that I was any good at. I always felt awkward and unable to make my body do what I wanted. (Except swimming which was hard to do often growing up in a cold Midwestern state.) S... Read more
Riding in a car
Tuesday, June 29, 2010      4 comments

I used to be able to ride for hours in a car. Now, I have found my legs cramp up after only a couple hours. I was very distressed on our recent trip to move our daughter to St. Louis. I drove her car down and was never so thankful for cruise ... Read more
The Universe said no to ice cream, but I said yes!
Monday, June 28, 2010      2 comments

We have had an incredible six days. From our DD's call on Tuesday morning that she had to be moved to St. Louis in time to start work on Monday to crawling (almost literally) into bed tonight including unsuccessful attempts to find subs for two... Read more
Working together.
Friday, June 25, 2010      3 comments

I watched something simply marvelous today. We had helped our DD pack things up, but now it was time for the truck to be packed. Her three housemates and two other friends arrived and in less than 45 minutes the truck was packed. I think DH a... Read more
Overdid it today!
Thursday, June 24, 2010      4 comments

Just about the time I think I have the emotional eating under control, the snaky little beast surprises me. Well, not really surprises me, I just let it take over. Today was very emotional. We are helping our DD get ready to move 6 hours awa... Read more
Eating before strength training
Wednesday, June 23, 2010      4 comments

Sometimes it take me several experiences with the same problem to realize what I need to change. That will not be true with this situation. Usually I work with a trainer 2 times a month about 15 minutes after I finish an early morning yoga cla... Read more
Oh, what a week it will be!
Tuesday, June 22, 2010      1 comments

Just when I thought we were home for a while (gone 3 of 4 weekends in May), DD calls to share her good news that she will be serving as a clerk to the head judge of the Missouri Court of Appeals and the challenging news that she needs to be in S... Read more

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