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It feels good to feel good
Monday, February 18, 2013      4 comments

At my sister's request I am blogging about my weight loss since September. I have not been on SP very much because I am keeping track in other ways to monitor my success. I have been on a pretty restricted diet since Sept. 2012 and I have los... Read more
Back at it again
Monday, September 17, 2012      1 comments

It's just about been a year since I logged into SP. I have been avoiding it too long now. I did pretty well, but got frustrated with other health issues that seemed to be stiffling my progress. Steroids are the DEVIL! This October would... Read more
One step at a time
Tuesday, January 24, 2012      1 comments

So, I have very successfully avoided dieting and exercising for 2 months. I have GREAT excuses, but they are just that, EXCUSES. Now I have started taking steps to get back into the routine and discipline myself to do the right thing for me... Read more
1st 5k today
Tuesday, October 04, 2011      0 comments

I celebrate the little stuff! I walked my first 3k on the treadmill today. Granted it took me an hour to do it, but I did it!!!! I am so excited! My plan is to get faster before the Virtual 5k run this month. ... Read more
7 weeks in and 11 lbs down
Thursday, September 15, 2011      3 comments

I am happy with this progress because I believe that the slow weight loss is how you keep it off. As of today I have been dedicated to the new eating and walking on the treadmill plan for 7 weeks. As of today I have lost 11 lbs. It's not a ... Read more
2nd 30 day challenge...... ideas
Saturday, September 03, 2011      1 comments

I have a few that I would like to do for my 2nd 30 day challenge. I have actually already started them since I wanted them to begin with the beginning of the month of Sept. Here is what I am doing in this next 30 days: 1) Play a game ... Read more
My first 30 day challenge is complete!
Friday, September 02, 2011      5 comments

On August 30th, I completed my 1st 30 day challenge. It was to go all month (30 days) without buying lunch at work or drive through. I had to pack my lunch everyday. This evolved into several other goals that I created. I went for eatin... Read more
Plateau Smateau! I will HIT you!
Saturday, August 27, 2011      0 comments

The bad news....... I have hit a plateau with the weight loss. That is discouraging and makes me lose some of my motivation! Ugh! The good news.... I am still on track with my 30 day challenge and I have remained wheat free for t... Read more
The Science behind 21 days to make a change...
Saturday, August 20, 2011      3 comments

I have just met one of my first milestones. I have been on SP for 21 days now and logged every food I have eaten, stayed on my meal plan, and continued to remain committed to my new life style. This is one of my first milestones because I kno... Read more
I'm in a great mood today!
Friday, August 19, 2011      4 comments

I know it's not appropriate, but when I stepped on the scale this morning, the results made me happy. That really shouldn't predict my mood, but it has. Encouraged is my adjective of the day. ... Read more
Fresh food everyday is what I say
Tuesday, August 16, 2011      2 comments

I have made every meal I've eaten over the past 16 days from scratch and from fresh produce foods. No processed foods, no packaged foods, no canned foods either. It's time consuming and when I cook, it gets really hot, but I have done it. AND... Read more
Stress makes me want to eat! Confirmed!
Monday, August 15, 2011      4 comments

It is all I can do to keep from chowing down on some sensless food right now. It is officially confirmed that I am a stress eater! Must demonstrate self control!!!!!!! ... Read more
Fresh Every Day......
Sunday, August 14, 2011      1 comments

Well, am 14 days into my first month of my new diet. This all began because a co-worker asked me if I have done any of the 30 day challenges that are so popular right now. Everyone is doing the "try something new for 30 days" challenge. We sa... Read more
My life is a project.
Wednesday, August 10, 2011      0 comments

I love projects! I like thinking about projects. I like planning for projects. I like buying the stuff you need projects. I even enjoy preparing and starting the projects. My favorite is the sence of accomplishment once I ... Read more
First dinner out, not a great experience
Monday, August 08, 2011      3 comments

It's my Mom's 70th birthday and out to dinner we go. She wanted to go to a steak house so we visited Saltgrass Steak House. Yummo!!! Well, this is the first time since starting my new diet plan (low gluten), and as I anticipated it was q... Read more

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