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Update mini post # 4 Big ol hunka apple
Friday, March 06, 2009      5 comments

Today I came in at 1630 calories and once again I ended my night with a Cortland apple, and once again my daughter "shared" it with me, I drank 1 gallon of green tea and there is a 64 oz glass of water sitting next to me as I type that will b... Read more
Weighing in and the setting sun..
Friday, March 06, 2009      16 comments

Let us get to the weigh in straight away this morning, I cannot complain with what the scale said to me, It said that I am down to 355 pounds on the button and that's a good number for me considering that on Sunday it said 360 pounds so 5 dow... Read more
Update mini post # 3 walk this way.
Thursday, March 05, 2009      7 comments

Here I am again, 21 minutes on the bike today and I came in at 1710 calories total for the day on the eve of weighing in. Again I finished the day out with an apple but I was low on calories so I had a Dannon light yogurt with it. 1.5 gallons... Read more
Hit the stage and knock the curtains down..
Thursday, March 05, 2009      10 comments

Last Friday I weighed 357.4 pounds, and Sunday I weighed 360 pounds then Monday I decided enough was enough with this fooling around where my weight loss is concerned stress or no stress it was time to get back to business. This morning I wok... Read more
Update mini post # 2 Tag you're it!
Wednesday, March 04, 2009      5 comments

Tonight I sit here at 1690 calories for the day again ending with an apple, two thirds of an apple anyways after my daughter decided we were to share it five minutes ago. I did get a 25 minute ride in on the stationary bike this morning and I... Read more
Back on cruise control..and a reminder.
Wednesday, March 04, 2009      15 comments

Running around my living room last night with my daughter playing "tag you're it" which is literally running in a circle chasing each other I realized that life has changed dramatically for me. Not only has life changed for me it has changed ... Read more
Update mini post # 1 focusing on me.
Tuesday, March 03, 2009      3 comments

In my earlier post from today I said that I was going to do mini posts for a while to keep me focused and this is the first one. Today I rode my stationary bike for 25 minutes and did some stretches, my calories came in at 1700 on the bu... Read more
Freight train? perhaps just a plan..
Tuesday, March 03, 2009      12 comments

This morning I wake up feeling like I did a few months ago when unstoppable was the only thing that was floating around the air, I have to put the stress aside (at least attempt to) because I have come too far to let myself start to slip back... Read more
Snow and eggs..
Monday, March 02, 2009      10 comments

A busy weekend has kept me away from the computer thus the lack of posts are showing that, We decided it was time to repaint our kitchen and get it looking good and it basically took all of my time both Saturday and Sunday. I have been off an... Read more
What we have here is a failure to communicate...
Friday, February 27, 2009      16 comments

Weigh in has come again like every week but this time around its a little different, This week I did not stay on plan, this week I did not eat like I should have yesterday in particular and the scale shows that to me this morning. I have said... Read more
Huh? who me? yeah you fat man!
Tuesday, February 24, 2009      10 comments

We're back in business, Saturday I picked up a new laptop so I am nice and comfy having my own computer back with my own progs on them. Lets talk about the challenge that I posted up for a minute, Saturday I woke up and decided that I would r... Read more
Weigh in, Yoga, and a challenge issued!
Friday, February 20, 2009      10 comments

Weigh in has come once again and getting right to the point I weighed in at 352.2 pounds which is a pound lighter than my lowest weight and four pounds less than last Friday. Is this a four pound week? or a one pound week? doesn't matter how I c... Read more
A Friday challenge and maybe a video.
Thursday, February 19, 2009      5 comments

Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are, I am The guy at the wheel after watching it plow uncontrolled through the corn field for far too long. Having control back is a good feeling and one that would not have been appreciated a... Read more
Who are you?
Wednesday, February 18, 2009      11 comments

Perception is an amazing thing, sometimes two different people can see the exact same situation completely differently. At 534 pounds I was miserable, at that weight the whole world was looking at me every minute of every day even inside my o... Read more
Doing everything right and nothing is right? Discipline wins the day.
Tuesday, February 17, 2009      14 comments

What does a fella do when everything is being done right and the results are less than stellar? How does one stay focused in the face of back tracking progress? When every duck is in that row standing at attention and yet things just aren't g... Read more

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