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Today's Reflextion
Friday, May 06, 2011      2 comments

Look at a man in the midst of doubt and danger and you will learn in his hour of adversity what he really is. - Lucretius, Roman philosopher Do you really know what you're made of? It's easy to stay true to our values when life is... Read more
My 200 Day Challenge - Day 36
Friday, May 06, 2011      11 comments

I am beyond frustrated. I have been working so hard. For over a month now. The scale is almost right back up where I started. Why am I working so hard and watching what I eat, to only stay the same??? Questioning if it's even worth ... Read more
Even though you don't feel like it
Thursday, May 05, 2011      8 comments

Even though you don't feel like it -- Ralph Marston What's the best thing to do if you can't get motivated to take action that you know you must take? Go ahead and do it anyway. Sure, it's nice to be positively motivated. Yet even... Read more
My 200 Day Challenge - Day 35
Thursday, May 05, 2011      2 comments

Today is a good day. I ran W4D2HM - 60min tempo run. Didn't do too bad either. Covered 5 miles in an hour. I'm slowly getting faster and faster. Not much else to say today. Oh. My 5 miles today makes 19.5miles this month so far. Not ... Read more
My 200 Day Challenge - Day 34
Wednesday, May 04, 2011      3 comments

I did it. I ran W4D1HM today. Run6min, walk3min, repeat6times. That wind out there was crazy!!! I could barely walk into it, but I pushed and ran. My feet are still a little swollen, and was thinking of just not going today. But I pu... Read more
May the 4th be with you....
Wednesday, May 04, 2011      5 comments

Just an innocent little saying. Kind of cute too. Especially if you are a treckie. But it always reminds me. Reminds me of the first time I landed in the hospital with severe depression. My daughter was just little - born that March. I... Read more
My 200 Day Challenge - Day 33
Tuesday, May 03, 2011      3 comments

Today is a different day for me. I am actually very busy at work. So I didn't get a chance to go running at lunch time. Instead, I had to take a short lunch. Not a biggie. But I still haven't gone running today. I am thinking of goin... Read more
My 200 Day Challenge - Day 32
Monday, May 02, 2011      3 comments

Well, it's off to a great start. I'm Done Girl of the Day today. My page is being overwhelmed with comments and goodies. It'll take me most of the week to get back to everyone, but I plan to get back to each person. I am planning to go ... Read more
My 200 Day Challenge - Day 31
Sunday, May 01, 2011      4 comments

Today I feel like a slug. Just no motivation to go out running at all. Yesterday we had a blizzard here The sun is out today, but it won't be enough to get rid of all the snow. Not today anyhow. I ended up binging on chips and dip. I... Read more
Today ... snowed in!
Saturday, April 30, 2011      2 comments

I am so beyond bored today. Blizzard outside. I am going stir crazy. I am actually considering getting on my winter gear and walking to 7-eleven for snacks. I am just having a tough time here in the house today. TOM is ripping my insi... Read more
Upcoming Marathon
Saturday, April 30, 2011      6 comments

For those of you who don't know, I was selected to participate in the Nike Womens Marathon coming up in October in San Francisco. I can't wait. It is my first every full marathon. I'm so excited. Well, as you can tell from my last blog, ... Read more
Todays Weather ... with pics
Saturday, April 30, 2011      9 comments

Look at the beautiful scene I got to wake up to. And no, this image is not shot through a window or a door. I was standing out in it. Yes, the visibility is that poor. ... Read more
My 100 day challenge - changing it to a 200 day challenge...
Saturday, April 30, 2011      0 comments

Including today, I have 170 days to my first marathon. So I've decided my 100 day challenge is about to change. I have already finished 30 days of my 100 day challenge, so I figure why not change it to a 200 day challenge. That will take me r... Read more
The Ultimate Get to Know You Survey!!
Friday, April 29, 2011      0 comments

The Ultimate Get to Know You Survey!! Name: Katrina Age: 38 Birthdate: Feb 15 Hometown: Residence is Calgary, AB Current location: Estevan, Saskatchewan Eye color: depends on what color my contacts are t... Read more
Friday, April 29, 2011      0 comments

Well, today is payday. Once again, there will be almost no money left. It will all be gone in about 48hours. Dental bill, food, and putting some away(almost half) to prepare for my marathon trip in October. I would rather have the fund... Read more

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