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End of Summer - 8/15
Tuesday, August 15, 2017      5 comments

Still struggling with the lousy news I got yesterday, concerning my job status. I'm feeling very tired and sluggish and I don't really want to do anything. So I am decluttering a bit, picking up things I know I haven't really looked at in a whil... Read more
End of Summer - 8/14
Monday, August 14, 2017      2 comments

Not a happy day here... Everyone seems to be having issues and not being kind to others. No word yet if the PT will be reapproved and I just got a call from a co-worker that my job has been given away to a friend of my supervisor. So even if I a... Read more
End of Summer ~ August 13th
Sunday, August 13, 2017      1 comments

Today was a better day even though I didn't as much exercise in as yesterday. My frame of mind was better, got some errands done, found a new Italian restaurant, and I did do some marching/walking. We went to the store afterwards and I had NO de... Read more
End of Summer ~ August 12th
Saturday, August 12, 2017      5 comments

Today is a mini celebration ~ it's the first time in four months I've gone to the gym. I did the treadmill for a while, and then some ST. Was shocked to find out that my gym doesn't have a regular leg press machine. They do have some for serious... Read more
End of Summer ~ August 11th
Friday, August 11, 2017      3 comments

It's just like being on a diet: you say you're going to cut all sugar and fat out of your food choices, and all of a sudden, all you see are fast food commercials on TV and junk food coupons in the newspapers. No matter where you go, there is so... Read more
End of Summer ~ August 10th
Thursday, August 10, 2017      7 comments

Had ice cream yesterday for a snack. A Blue Bunny 'sandwich' which is portion controlled, so not many calories. And I feel OK about it. It was not emotional eating, not out of control eating, and I stayed within my calorie limit for the day. ... Read more
End of Summer ~ August 9th
Wednesday, August 09, 2017      7 comments

Wednesday weigh-in. I lost the four pounds of water weight I've been carrying for the last week or so!!! I love it! I know that it's 'just water' but it makes me feel better about myself, and hopefully the swelling around the knee that I had the... Read more
End of Summer ~ August 8th
Tuesday, August 08, 2017      6 comments

Well, yesterday was a very emotional day, both good and extremely bad. But since I'm trying to 'feel my emotions' instead of eating them, I decompressed by spending time with my favorite sleeping bag, nestled in the hammock in the back yard. Did... Read more
End of Summer ~ August 7th
Monday, August 07, 2017      6 comments

I know it's not really the end of summer, but it is winding down. And I want to take a few minutes each day to reflect on the ups and downs of this year, and how it has affected my weight and other health issues. The biggest factor is that ... Read more
Year of change reflection...
Saturday, May 06, 2017      3 comments

Reflection: mostly what I've learned the past year is that I'm stronger than I thought I was, stronger than I would have given myself credit for. All due to falling at work, of course... I've learned that I can stand up to authority figures if I... Read more
Holiday eating
Saturday, April 15, 2017      3 comments

Had kind of a weird ephipeny at the store today, BJ's, if everyone knows what that is. We were standing in line, ready to purchase a new vacuum for me, when in the next line over, I saw a man with his teenaged son. In their carts was five cases ... Read more
Why I started...
Monday, October 03, 2016      2 comments

... and why I will NOT give up. This is a blog for the WEC, for the Biggest Loser Challenge that I've been a part of for a number of years now. In fact, it's been so many years now, many of the things we do, the challenges we take part in,... Read more
Wednesday, July 06, 2016      5 comments

I've got to cut back on the sugar. It has once again crept into my daily life. Seems I work so hard to keep just a few ounces off each week, then a couple of cookies puts me into sugar overload. I know it's not good for me, but I'm having a real... Read more
Thursday, April 21, 2016      3 comments

I am feeling very frustrated this morning. Part of it has to do with waking up sore all over, my 'reward' for working out hard two days ago. And part of it is from housework burnout, feeling like I'm doing the same chores over and over, yet the ... Read more
Anniversary blog
Thursday, December 31, 2015      5 comments

Or what should have been an anniversary blog, except I was so busy on the 26th that I didn't get around to it. Then it seemed trivial to do it late. Then I felt like I didn't have time, even tho' I had more to add.... But, Ok, so the 26th w... Read more

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