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You are....
Wednesday, June 05, 2019      7 comments

Yes, indeed, this is true, and I am living proof, so are you! I realized that I developed a bad habit. My older son and I watch jeopardy every da... Read more
I get knocked down..
Tuesday, June 04, 2019      11 comments

I really like music. I listen to everything from Frank Sinatra to Blink 182. I attend a 3 day music fest every year and hit up music venues on occasion. I saw this on Spark premium this a.m. ... Read more
Belief systems
Monday, June 03, 2019      6 comments

I'm just going to put this out here. Belief systems are created from the time we are conceived throughout our life span, imparted to us by peopl... Read more
Feeling Tired
Sunday, June 02, 2019      10 comments

Yesterday was the culmination of a year +/- of decluttering and preparing for a garage sale. Thankfully it was not raining. I did sell a lot of stuff... Read more
"REROUTING, Turn around",
Wednesday, May 29, 2019      8 comments

I stepped on the scale this a.m. NOT a good idea, I binged last night. My usual binge is extra fruit or veggies but this was a real one. I am paying the price of just not feeling all that well, bogged down so of. O, I did the healthy stuff,... Read more
Picture of proof
Tuesday, May 28, 2019      11 comments

Sundays Bike the Drive! Me with a piece of Chicago behind me. So much fun. I hope to see are my g.daughter next year. She will LOVE it!... Read more
So many feels
Monday, May 27, 2019      6 comments

This weekend has been so full. It started on Saturday with an annual trip to my friends, to travel to Land Of Giants hosta farm. I always budget a huge amount for this outing because well, I might or might not be addicted to hostas and g... Read more
Friday, May 24, 2019      8 comments

I was awake at 4 a.m today and it's flipping amazing how much I have gotten done. Here goes: balanced checking account called tree trimmers to arrang... Read more
Tuesday, May 21, 2019      5 comments

Clear and cleaning. Home gym tidy. Everything I touched I used except my TRX. I just don't have it in me. I cleaned my laundry area and worked on my ... Read more
Home Gym
Tuesday, May 21, 2019      6 comments

Here we are again, cold, rain. I always check the weather before I go to bed and write/log my next days menu based on the weather. Ie., I don't do co... Read more
Monday, May 20, 2019      10 comments

I woke up this a.m. (always a good thing), laying there with my german shepherd, just chilling thought....wow, it's Monday. I know for most of you Monday is something of a little less than a cursed, the start of another work week. I am retired... Read more
Scale fail!
Saturday, May 18, 2019      15 comments

Weight has gone up 4 weeks in a row so what do you do? Reboot: Healthy 226 calorie breakfast. Stir up some positive self talk. Up the activity. Hide th... Read more
Happy .....aaahhh, uterus?
Sunday, May 12, 2019      10 comments

In the mid 1970's I was a minister's wife. We had a tiny church in rural Nebraska. It was so small that the streets were dirt. The church structure itself was postcard perfect cute. It had a smell that would take you into the Holy of Holies.... Read more
Been complaining enough
Friday, May 10, 2019      8 comments

Today I am rejoicing to compensate for my complaining. Sunshine, thank you! The rain has brought forth this!!! I also discovered an iris, I thought had ... Read more
Loving yourself
Thursday, May 09, 2019      9 comments

I have been dealing with some inner conflicts and angst. In the process of all this I came across this: "Perhaps, We should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us, they know exactly how it should be done." ... Read more

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