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Go Red!!
Saturday, February 05, 2011      4 comments

So Good Day Sparkfam!! Its been a decent day thus far although I have been sitting in the house waiting for the gas company to come out & do an inspection. I got nothin! They didn't call & now I am behind my schedule. Anyho, I am about to ... Read more
Thursday, February 03, 2011      6 comments

Good Day Sparkfam! Its a beautiful Thursday evening because the snow plow has finally made it down my block!! I know it may seem trivial to some but to Chicagoans that live on side streets that would take a day to shovel by hand its MAJOR!! ... Read more
Let It Snow. . . . .
Tuesday, February 01, 2011      6 comments

Good Day Sparkfam!! So we have the news reports & looks like Chicago is going to be hit with almost 20inches of snow. Well, me being an Chicagoan will have to see it, to believe it. lol The snow is picking up, the wind is lifting & spraying it ... Read more
Buca Di Beppo Part#2
Thursday, January 20, 2011      7 comments

Good Thursday Sparkfam! So its cold here & my youngest was very sick last night & this morning. He was just sleeping so mama bear was very worried. I allowed him to stay home cause he wasn't getting out of that bed. So I gave him cold tablets ca... Read more
Buca Di Beppo
Wednesday, January 19, 2011      14 comments

Good Wednesday Sparkfam!! Its a brisk day here in Chicago but I'm maintaining. Had my grandson again last night & he is so funny. He won't sleep in the rooms with my sons & sleeps between me & hubby but clings to me for dear life. This amazes me... Read more
Happy Tuesday . . .
Tuesday, January 18, 2011      4 comments

Happy Tuesday Sparkfam!! Its CCCCOOOOLLLLLDDDD & windy here in Chicago! I mean, I can feel the wind coming through the cracks under the couch. brrrrrrr Anyho, I had an appointment with At&t for a new phone line. They never said whether it would... Read more
It's Friday. . . . . .
Friday, January 14, 2011      7 comments

Good Friday Sparkfam!! Its the weekend, I just got paid & now what I am gonna do? Well try to clean up around the house a bit & maybe dinner & a movie today or tomorrow. I do need to do my hair definitely! I am still gonna workout in the morning... Read more
Hump Day . . . .
Wednesday, January 12, 2011      5 comments

Good Day Sparkfam!! Its a brisk but very sunny day here in Chicago. I mean the sun reflection off the snow is almost blinding. I guess I could scrap up a few bucks for a car wash to get some of the much off my truck? Had the grandson last night ... Read more
Happy Sunday . . . .
Sunday, January 09, 2011      4 comments

Good Sunday Sparkfam!! Its a wonderful day here in Chicago & I had a great weekend!! Friday, I left work early to pick my hubby up from work seeing that he hit a pot hole & the entire tire came off the rim. So lucky me I had to get up from my wa... Read more
How Much?
Thursday, January 06, 2011      9 comments

Good Day Sparkfam! Its a brisk but extremely sunny day here in Chicago & I'm in high spirits! Did I thank you guys for all your support & for helping me when I feel I need support too. You guys are the best cheer leading squad around!! ... Read more
I Craved & Caved. . . .
Wednesday, January 05, 2011      7 comments

Good Day Sparkfam!! Its a brisk but sunny day here in Chicago so we bundled up. The sun almost fooled me but I wasn't going for that since it was freezing last night I put on my big coat & boots. So this morning I woke up late but I still got my... Read more
How Is It Going?
Tuesday, January 04, 2011      5 comments

Hey Sparkfam! Its the 4th day of January I just wanted to ask you how is it going? I don't know why but after Thanksgiving I haven't worked out as hard as normally do. So now what? As I try to get back to my level of commitment which is roughly ... Read more
Happy New Year's Sparkfam!
Friday, December 31, 2010      4 comments

Happy New Year's Eve Sparkfam! Its been a glorious year & I want thank you all for your support! Its been a wonderful day that I have spent with my family & in prayer & fille... Read more
Gettin Back Into the Habit
Tuesday, December 28, 2010      3 comments

Happy Tuesday Sparkfam!! I am sitting here on bed not working out but sparking. I need to get busy doing my workout. But first things first, I need to go the Post Office & mail some bills. I don't know what is going on with mailing my bills but ... Read more
Merry Christmas Sparkfam. . .
Friday, December 24, 2010      5 comments

So the day is winding up & we finished shopping & now just laying back for a minute. I have a few presents to wrap but I don't wanna. . . Do I really have too? Can't I just put it on the couch & they find it when they wake up? Hopefully we can ... Read more

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