Day 4
Friday, July 27, 2007      0 comments

This morning it was a cardio workout with The Firm on Exercise TV. I have some The Firm videos, but haven't done them in a while because there are so many different things on Exercise TV and newer videos/dvds. I really should pull them out and g... Read more
Day 2 - July 25 (unfortunately date changed before I posted)
Thursday, July 26, 2007      1 comments

In the wee hours of the morning I woke with a migraine, so when I did get up I was still in pain and couldn't bring myself to workout. Because I had taken some medicine earlier after I took my shower I started feeling better. However, this eveni... Read more
Day 1
Tuesday, July 24, 2007      0 comments

This morning I got up and exercised with Denise Austin. I started exercising with her in the mornings on Lifetime TV and liked it, so I got one of her DVDs, Personal Training System. I love it! Denise can be a bit annoying at times, because she ... Read more
Newbie here!
Monday, July 23, 2007      1 comments

I just signed up here tonight. I have counted my calories, but time was short this morning so I didn't do my usual workout. I am going to get on my Gazelle in a few minutes while I watch The Closer. The past 6 weeks have been a great start for ... Read more

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