Day 5 and feeling gooooood...
Monday, April 16, 2012      1 comments

I just want to post this so I remember how good I felt almost immediately after switching up what I was eating. I hate to admit to what all that entailed....but from day one I felt better. I think my body was CRAVING healthier food. I've abused ... Read more
goodbye old friend...
Sunday, October 24, 2010      16 comments

although i haven't officially made any kind of announcement. i have quit smoking. i managed to make it through one night at work without a cigarette. not too bad....although there's a lot more to keep me occupied's definitely a more ... Read more
Tuesday, October 19, 2010      6 comments

just weighed myself for the first time in i don't know how long...i knew i had gained, but i was definitely in denial about how much. i am now at my highest weight ever. EVER. i'm in a state of shock....i guess this is my rock bottom that i had ... Read more