ABC's of Me for BLC21
Tuesday, January 15, 2013      2 comments

A is for ABOVE and BEYOND...Does competition push you? YES B is for BLC rounds... Newbie?(first BLC round) Oldie?(1-3 rounds) Goldie?(long time BLCer)? Former BLC team(s)? GOLDIE - JUST BEEN AWHILE C is for have? 4, ALL GRO... Read more
Accountability Blog for BLC 18
Wednesday, January 11, 2012      7 comments

Today is the start of BLC 18 - a 12 week challenge. I have taken all of my measurements and weighed in. Also added all of my new team mates on the Mighty Mocha Hunters. I am wanting to lose 15 to 20 pounds in the next 12 weeks. I went prima... Read more
My Adventures going Primal - A 21 day challenge
Monday, November 21, 2011      7 comments

So I decided to try something different, I did the 21 Day Primal Challenge by Mark Sisson. The title of his book is 21 Day Total Body Transformation. It was just released last month. He also has a website with great information. For thos... Read more
Blog for Bingo Points
Monday, November 07, 2011      1 comments

So I am suppose to Blog about Success for Points on the Bingo goes - I have been following Mark Sisson's 21 Day Primal Challenge. I am done with the first week and I am down 1.5 pounds. I have successfully gone without grains... Read more
BLC 17 – Scarlet Starlets - Recap of Week 1
Wednesday, September 14, 2011      6 comments

First week is now over! Overall I did well. Weight is down 3.6 pounds. But I must confess most of that was because I had some dental work done last Thursday and have not been able to eat a lot of solid foods. I am just now starting to eat so... Read more
Friday 9/9/11
Friday, September 09, 2011      6 comments

Today is the last day of the 5% Summer Challenge. I did ok for the last 8 weeks. This was my first time on the 5% challenge and I enjoyed it. Weight did not come off like I had hoped for. But that is ok. Made some new friends and learned ... Read more
Blog for Wed 9/7/11
Wednesday, September 07, 2011      3 comments

On the 5% Summer challenge team we are suppose to blog each day this week. So here goes: Today was a pretty good day. Meet with Anna, the trainer, who took pride in putting me through the paces today. Did squats and step ups until I thought... Read more
Sharon’s Spry Stride Summon – Long weekend Recap
Tuesday, September 06, 2011      2 comments

First recap of eating. Eating has been mixed over the long holiday weekend. Overall I feel it was good. I did not track like I should have, so I started tracking again on Tuesday. Monday was a holiday so no Weight Watcher meeting, will have ... Read more
Looking forward to Fall
Sunday, September 04, 2011      7 comments

There is a lot going on here on Sparkpeople for the fall. In no particular order 1. Yoovie's Pimp My (P)Ride Challenge (starts 9/6) 2. BLC 17 starts Sept 7 3. 2011 Fall 5% Challenge Community I am hoping to loose another 25 pou... Read more
3rd Spark Anniversary
Friday, September 02, 2011      10 comments

Today is my 3rd Spark Anniversary! Hard to believe I have been on this roller coaster for three years now. I started this journey on 9/2/2008 weighing 258 pounds. Today I weigh 210 pounds. Not great progress but I am proud of myself for the ... Read more
Day 7 of Sharon’s Spry Stride Summon
Thursday, August 25, 2011      4 comments

First recap of Tuesday’s eating. Tuesday was another great day for eating. I had 33 points using 2 of my weekly allowance. A good OP today! And I have 46 allowance points to use for the rest of the week. ... Read more
Day 6 of Sharon’s Spry Stride Summon
Tuesday, August 23, 2011      1 comments

First recap of Monday’s eating. I did great yesterday. Was OP all the way!!! Had 32 points, so used only 1 Weekly Allowance Point, have 48 left for the week. Great way to start the week off! ... Read more
Day 4 & 5 of Sharon’s Spry Stride Summon
Monday, August 22, 2011      2 comments

First recap of Saturday and Sunday’s eating. Saturday used 39 points, OP for day! Sunday used 53 points, not OP. On Sunday it was a brownie early in the day then a glass of wine with dinner. Wine adds up too fast with points. I need to find... Read more
Day 3 of Sharon's Spry Stride Summon
Saturday, August 20, 2011      1 comments

First recap of Friday’s eating. I am doing Weight Watchers Point Plus. I used a lot of points for the day and was not OP at all. I used 81 points for the day which were 31 for my daily target plus 50 of my weekly allowance/activity points. I t... Read more
Day 2 of Sharon’s Spry Stride Summon or Triple S
Friday, August 19, 2011      2 comments

First recap of Thursday’s eating. I am doing Weight Watchers Point Plus. I used 40 points for the day, which were 31 for my daily target plus 9 of my weekly allowance/activity points. I tell myself anything 41 and under is OP (on plan). ... Read more

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