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Out of the 230s!
Monday, January 25, 2010      7 comments

I weighed in this morning and saw that I have lost a total of 13.5lbs. I am now at 227.5...a weight that I have not been in over 10 years. Its been a long time since I have weighed less than was that wt range that previously I could nev... Read more
2nd day of rest......worried that I am breaking my new habits
Friday, January 08, 2010      3 comments

Ok...yesterday was my rest day....but today I am just exhausted. I planned to workout today, but I had to go into work at 6am instead of 9am...and now I am completely thrown off for the day. I feel guilty about not working out today...and a litt... Read more
Day 4 Bootcamp and Bollywood!
Wednesday, January 06, 2010      0 comments

Ok I just finished my bootcamp video and was trying to figure out what cardio to do. So I was flipping through my Exercise Channels on On Demand and came across this Bollywood workout video. And all I can say is OH MY! This video is high impact ... Read more
Day 3 of Boot Camp...done and done!
Tuesday, January 05, 2010      1 comments

I have to admit..I didn't think that I was going to get through bootcamp today! By the time I got home from work, I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa and veg out watching tv. But I reminded myself that if I break the rout... Read more
Day 2 of Boot Camp! Whooohoo!
Monday, January 04, 2010      3 comments

Made through day 2 of bootcamp! That video today was a beast. I had started doing squats on a regular basis...but with the ball and weights was a challange! For my 30 minute workout, I just tried this video called cardioke. It was absolute... Read more
Day 1 of Boot Camp....ouch but YAY!
Sunday, January 03, 2010      2 comments

Stats on day 1: wt: 236.5 waist: 44'' bust: 47" hips: 46.5" calf:16 3/4 thigh: 26" arm: 14' Goal: I would love to break out of the 230s by the end of this bootcamp! Just completed the bootcamp video. I thought 10min would... Read more
Getting back on track!
Saturday, January 02, 2010      0 comments I didn't do well over the holidays. But I'm not going to let that get in my way. I was on track for so long and I'm not going to let this set back get in my way! I start the Sparkpeople boot camp tomorrow and I've done my healthy gr... Read more
The Den of Sin
Sunday, December 20, 2009      4 comments

This is the name that I have given my sister's home...the den of sin! She has every type of sugary and salty snack you could possibly imagine. Willie Wonka would be impressed by her fridge and cabinets. I am making smart choices at my own h... Read more
Made it through Happy Hour
Thursday, December 17, 2009      1 comments

We are having a lot of happy hours and lunches at work right now..and tonight I have to give myself a pat on the back for the choices made. Still had a couple of drinks...but instead of fruity frozen drinks switched to a couple of bourbon and di... Read more
Count down to Reunion
Monday, December 14, 2009      0 comments

Ok I just got a reminder that my 20 year high school reunion is coming up in April. I know that I won't lose the weight to get back to high school size but maybe college size (after the freshman 30lb). This gives me a specific goal to work for..... Read more
I'm Back!
Sunday, December 13, 2009      2 comments

Writing these blogs have been cathartic! I needed the motivation to get back on track after being out with a cold and writing down the challenges helped me to get the motivation I needed. Yesterday I got back on track with eating healthy and exe... Read more
Bouncing Back After Being Sick
Saturday, December 12, 2009      1 comments

I was on such a roll with eating healthy and working out...then I got sick and was home in bed for a week. During that time, I ate pretty healthy but didn't work out at all!. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm having difficulty getting back into t... Read more
30 Day Shred Day 1
Friday, December 04, 2009      1 comments

This is day one of the 30 day shred. I am going to try to do it everyday until Christmas...ok so it maybe a 20 day shred:) I feel sore but I feel good. ... Read more
This is it!
Wednesday, December 02, 2009      0 comments

This is it. I have made the decision to start a healthy lifestyle. I now that I have made this decison before. But now its a must. My health depends on it.Not going to make drastic changes...but small changes everyday. Make healthy choices with ... Read more