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2 years later....
Tuesday, June 21, 2016      2 comments

I'm not sure what made me think of Sparkpeople today, but I suddenly felt a push to log in and update my blog, as it is a personal journal of my ups and downs. A year ago, I was feeling fantastic....down 80 lbs., active, energetic, less physica... Read more
Continuing on with positive changes....
Wednesday, July 16, 2014      1 comments

....even though I've hit a plateau. In the last month, I've only lost 5 lbs. And it's driving me crazy. I weigh myself every day, which isn't helping. I don't feel the same dispair that I used to feel when I was heavier, but it is a disappoi... Read more
Lots of changes....
Monday, June 09, 2014      1 comments

Since my last blog entry in October, I have lost 52 lbs and dropped 3 clothing sizes. Last I measured, back in May, I had also lost 16 inches (I'm due to remeasure) total. Excercising is easier and more enjoyable weighing less and I'm gaining ... Read more
Thursday, October 24, 2013      3 comments an emotional wreck. It's been a long, long time since I've felt this way. Self-depreciating thoughts attack me from all angles. Self-consciousness bordering on paranoia are at an all time high. I feel like a failure. I've be... Read more
Clarity While Walking
Tuesday, January 29, 2013      3 comments

I just realized that I first joing SP in December 2007. I've made several attempts to get healthy in the last five years, some attempts lasting longer than others, but I've never stuck with it. I think I've learne a little something along the ... Read more
Snow Day
Monday, January 28, 2013      1 comments

I had an unexpected day off from work today due to my kids' school being closed for the snow/ice storm that came through. And, due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn't do my work out during the day like I should have. I hadn't worked o... Read more
Ups and downs of a beginner...
Thursday, January 24, 2013      3 comments

Well, I've overloaded on carbs the last two days....relying way too heavily on pasta-based meals (my go-to comfort meal). Despite this, I've stayed to appropriate portion sizes and have been WAY more conscious of what I eat during the day. Tod... Read more
Wednesday, January 23, 2013      1 comments

Life sure is hard sometimes! Geesh! But, I'm staying focused despite life circumstances. Taking a break tonight to refresh my emotional side.... Read more
Happy Monday
Monday, January 21, 2013      2 comments

I jumped out of bed this morning, couldn't wait to weigh in! And I was happy to see that I was down 2.4 lbs for the week! I couldn't be happier and it really motivated me to keep going today. I started a new WATP video today, the 5 Day Walk P... Read more
I. Am. So. Hungry
Sunday, January 20, 2013      2 comments

Wow! I'm starving. Seriously starving. Now, I shouldn't be since i have eaten almost all of my calories for the day AND I'll have drank 12 glasses of water by the time I go to bed tonight. BUT.....I haven't transitioned to eating foods that ... Read more
I reached the ravenous phase.....
Thursday, January 17, 2013      3 comments

...this afternoon at lunch time. All in all, I think I handeled it pretty well. Ate an extra slice of pizza that I probably shouldn't have had, but did well otherwise for the day. I did a 3 mile WATP video after the kids went to bed and I've ... Read more
MIA for 8 months
Tuesday, January 15, 2013      6 comments

It's been 8 months since my last blog post, and not much has changed between then and now. I have, however, gotten back on the SP train and feeling extra motivated to eat healthy and excercise on a regular basis. I contemplated joining a gym a... Read more
May 6 - Sunburned and fancy free
Sunday, May 06, 2012      2 comments

I had a really great weekend. Got up yesterday and loaded the kids, their bikes, water, and snacks into the car and then went to a local track to walk while they road. Did a mile, then took a break so they could play on the playground, then di... Read more
May 2 - Okay, I remember how this feels now....
Wednesday, May 02, 2012      4 comments

I had a pretty good day today. Weighed in at work for the Biggest Loser challenge and didn't even care that a coworker knows how much I weigh now! There were a LOT of people signing up, so I was pretty excited about that! We got our car back ... Read more
May 1st - Here I go again....
Tuesday, May 01, 2012      4 comments

Wow....January 10th was my last visit to this site. BUT, today is May 1st. New month, new week, new day. I've been eating 85 - 90%% healthier over the past few weeks...dinner is definitely my downfall. And today I did a 2 mile WATP vid... Read more

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