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I'm healing
Monday, September 21, 2009      3 comments

I did my follow up with the doctor this afternoon. The ER doctor made me promise to see her today so I called Friday after I got home from the hospital and made an appointment. I wasn't as stiff this morning as I was yesterday. Yesterday I fe... Read more
I'm Making Progress!
Thursday, September 17, 2009      4 comments

Today I completed my third day of water aerobics this week and I have to say that I'm making progress! I'm finding some of the moves much easier and I'm not as tired when I'm finished. I can feel the increase in my stamina and can see increase... Read more
I've Achieved My Exercise Goals This Week!
Friday, September 11, 2009      5 comments

I'm feeling proud of myself today. I set a private goal of going to water exercise four times this week and I met that goal! I also did quite a bit of walking - the team walk yesterday and walking for the purpose of exercise inside an air cond... Read more
A Fifteen Minute Mile
Thursday, September 10, 2009      9 comments

This morning our Polk County Group team met for our fifth team walk. Once again we all walked a mile in fifteen minutes. We were so busy talking and having a good time that before we knew it, we were all the way around the lake. I would have ... Read more
This Week's Workouts
Wednesday, September 09, 2009      3 comments

So far this week, I've done 2 workouts in the water. Tomorrow, I intend to do another one. Tomorrow we have a substitute teacher and I understand he's a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it! I've been alternating between water gloves and wa... Read more
Labor Day Weekend
Monday, September 07, 2009      6 comments

Today is Labor Day and we're going to a picnic at a neighbor's home. We had company until yesterday morning and were busy most of the time. For some reason I was especially tired after everyone left. Perhaps it was because we were non stop al... Read more
Fun Exercise Opportunities!
Saturday, September 05, 2009      4 comments

Today, we have family gathered for some holiday weekend quality time. We'll go out to breakfast (got to love the egg whites, veggies, fruit and whole wheat toast!) and then go to yard sales. I love going to yard sales! For one thing, I get th... Read more
Thursday Update
Thursday, September 03, 2009      2 comments

Last night our Polk Co. Group team met for dinner. I had a wonderful time. I really look forward to these meetings with our local Spark team. It's personal and oh so supportive. I feel very blessed to have this group on my side! Today I... Read more
Polk County Team Dinner Tonight
Wednesday, September 02, 2009      3 comments

Tonight will be our fifth Polk County Group team dinner. We're expecting 9 or 10 people this time. Since these meetings have gotten to be so much fun, I'm really looking forward to it. Some members of the team (myself included) have gotten fa... Read more
Taking Care During Exercise
Monday, August 31, 2009      3 comments

Today I did water aerobics and I toned it down a bit. I was so sore yesterday from a combination of work around the house and exercise that I needed to listen to my body. I also wore an oversize white T-shirt in the water in an effort to keep... Read more
Cleaning House, Finishing Projects
Sunday, August 30, 2009      4 comments

Today hubby and I finished a bunch of projects that needed to be done around our home. I did laundry, changed the sheets on the bed, did grocery shopping, straightened up a cabinet plus a variety of other small things. I've found in the past t... Read more
Happy Saturday To All!
Saturday, August 29, 2009      4 comments

I'm having a happy day today. I'm stiff but not as stiff as expected. That's good news because it means that my muscles are getting used to working out again. On Monday I'm having a redo on my lab work to see if my numbers have improved any. ... Read more
I'm doing well with my goals this week!
Friday, August 28, 2009      6 comments

I'm dong very well with the goals I set for this week! I did three long sessions of water aerobics - the workouts were pretty intense so I may be sore tomorrow. I've also done some walking on my other days. I've gotten rid of quite a bit of H... Read more
Goals for the week
Tuesday, August 25, 2009      5 comments

I've set several goals for this week. They are as follows: 1.) Go to water aerobics 3 times and walk 4 times 2.) Get rid of HOA related stress 3.) Be more active with feelings diary 4.) Pay closer attention to my food diary L... Read more
It has been an active week for me
Saturday, August 22, 2009      6 comments

I am so proud of myself this week! emoticon I did water aerobics three times (75 min. ea.) and then this mornin... Read more

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