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5th Year Sparkiversary vlog (video blog)
Friday, February 08, 2013      15 comments

This is my very first vlog...and it's the very first take too. Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow Sparkers.. and send a thank you as well. Sorry about the low sound quality...and for the water bottle banging loud on the table! LOL ... Read more
How the dead see you
Tuesday, February 05, 2013      9 comments

5 years ago, I started Spark...for me it was my "hail Mary" pass because before this, nothing "worked" and stuck...and I had had about enough and in fact, my Spark page was titled "Enough is enough!" It was Feb 7, 2008. Looking back, nothing "wo... Read more
Photograph blog found - good read
Sunday, February 03, 2013      5 comments

I found this from a friend on FB...and it really hit a cord with me...since I was rarely in photographs prior to the last 5 years of my life...which is sad, because I mattered even when I was heavy but was too stupid to realize that moments are ... Read more
Clarity in saying "no"
Tuesday, January 29, 2013      6 comments

I was just sitting here thinking... well, actually on my drive around town today to get stuff done within an hour's timespan for personal reasons... and as I popped by the office to bang out some work real fast, it occurred to me that there can ... Read more
Two weeks of crazy...
Monday, January 28, 2013      8 comments

and now is this the calm before the real storm??? Ugh, you guys have no idea how the full moon hit me last week! I'd say it was one of those rare collisions of choas coming together all at once that hit me in the work - family - extracurr... Read more
Older women
Sunday, January 13, 2013      14 comments

I have a serious crush on some older women... emoticon but I do! I have always looked to the future sa... Read more
My awesome day
Thursday, January 10, 2013      7 comments

OK... I just realized that the very first blog someone new will read on here in the last 4 days was about gas... my gas inducing Colon Blow goo. ... Read more
The tale of the mush.
Thursday, January 03, 2013      12 comments

Ok... so here's the deal. I had bought, more like overbought, 3 boxes of Kashi 7-grain Pilaf a few months back because they were on sale...and I make a soup with it that I lovingly refer to as "Colon Blow" ... Read more
I think about food.. every . day .
Wednesday, January 02, 2013      10 comments

I had a conversation with someone, not to long ago, about how she just didn't want to have to think about food every single day. She knows how to lose weight (been there done that), but once she stopped thinking about food, the weight crept bac... Read more
Everyone's Day 1
Tuesday, January 01, 2013      9 comments

Why HELLOOOO there! Welcome to everyone's Day 1! You have oh-so-many hopes wrapped up into today... into this first month in fact, right? oh, yes... right! I WILL stay in calorie range! I WILL EXERCISE for 2 hours! I WILL NOT... Read more
Last blog of the year.
Monday, December 31, 2012      6 comments

It got deleted!! and it was a good one too!! It took me a whole 20 minutes to write!!! LMFAO!!!!! I swear - I just hit "post blog entry" and it came up blank!! So instead of re-hashing: Have a Happy New Year everyone!!! ... Read more
It's time to toss your cookies!!!
Friday, December 28, 2012      11 comments

Yup! It's that time of the year once again!!! It's time for the GREAT COOKIE TOSS! I do this every year because a) it gets the crap out of the house because by now, really noone in the place needs any more of it and b) it just feels so... Read more
Why my page is the way it is.
Tuesday, December 18, 2012      17 comments

When I started SP in 2008, I was in AWE of the people who were successful. I friended, I got to know their stories...I also got my own plan together and I figured to use the Spark nutrition tracker diets as a guide, but I basically built my own... Read more
Back in the saddle
Monday, December 10, 2012      2 comments

I will NEVER say that getting back in the saddle is easy. Never, ever, EVER! But sometimes are easier than others, depending on how off it's been. For example: I mentioned that I was going to get derailed this weekend...and you kn... Read more
Why I don't flip out:
Saturday, December 08, 2012      4 comments

So today, the scale was up. Big deal. So what. 3 pounds.... WhAt!?!?!?! OMG!!!! emoticon Mo... Read more

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