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More Challenging Exercise
Tuesday, November 11, 2014      2 comments

I have been going to the gym regularly for a few years. Recently, I started to gain weight and I noticed that what I was doing at the gym was getting a little too comfortable. I was tracking miles on the elliptical and doing the same SET rou... Read more
Blog #7 Anything else to share
Friday, March 08, 2013      10 comments

This has been a good week of blogging and responding to blogs. Normally, I don't blog much. However, this week I have enjoyed blogging and thinking about my goals. I have stayed on track with not eating processed, sugary, sweets. Blogging and r... Read more
Blog #6 Do you need motivation or advice?
Thursday, March 07, 2013      14 comments

I have to say that the challenge itself is very motivating for me. The blogging each day has also been motivating. The only advice/question that I have is what do you do besides drinking lots of water and staying busy to curb your appetite?... Read more
Blog- Day - 5 What can you improve?
Wednesday, March 06, 2013      9 comments

I can improve on being more consistent with how much I eat. I have a day or two a week when I go over my calorie limit. I need to cut out those days as they are hindering my weight loss.... Read more
Blog Day 4- How are you doing day by day?
Tuesday, March 05, 2013      9 comments

So far I have not had any cravings for Animal Crackers or any other processed sweets. I have stayed on track so far. I think putting this into a blog and telling people what I was going to do has helped me stay away from the processed sweets... Read more
B log Day 3 - What are you doing to keep on track and encourage yourself?
Monday, March 04, 2013      8 comments

I am staying busy and trying to do one thing that I really enjoy everyday.... Read more
How will I give up Animal Crackers.
Sunday, March 03, 2013      7 comments

Having thought about this while I was walking today, I decided it is not just the crackers that are a problem it is anything even a little sweet. Lately, it seems that anytime I eat anything like this I don't want to stop at my allotted amount.... Read more
New Healthy Habit
Saturday, March 02, 2013      10 comments

My new healthy habit will be to stop buying animal crackers. Sixteen animal crackers have 120 calories in them and in the past I have been able to stop at sixteen crackers. However, the last two times I have brought these crackers I have eaten ... Read more
Assignment # 3 - 5% Winter Challenge Reasons for Weight Loss
Friday, November 25, 2011      4 comments

Reasons * maintain my mobility as I age * maintain my health * be able to do things that are difficult when I weigh too much *have energy * keep the sense of contentment that I have when I am thinner * look nice ... Read more
Assignment # 1 - 5% Winter Challenge Commitment
Friday, November 25, 2011      0 comments

I will..... *stay within my calorie range *Continue daily 60 minutes or more of cardio *work out with weights two to three times per week *add 15 minutes of cardio in the late evening - this has sometimes helped me to lose weight ... Read more
Fall 5% Challenge Commitment - Assignment # 1
Saturday, September 17, 2011      5 comments

I will...... *continue with the Spark diet *drink 4 cups of water before each meal *continue cardio for 60 minutes a day and weight machines 2 to 3 times a week *increase the intensity of cardio & try to work with intervals every time... Read more
Summer 5% Challenge Assignment # 3 Motivation
Friday, July 08, 2011      3 comments

My motivation for wanting to lose weight has more to do with my health as I get older than anything else. My reasons for wanting to lose weight are as follows; * I want to be independent for the rest of my life. * Maintaining my mobility as I g... Read more
Summer 5% Challenge - Assignment - 1
Thursday, July 07, 2011      4 comments

My exercise plan for the summer challenge includes exercising 6 days a week either in the gym or with exercise tapes for sixty minutes each day. I will walk outside on the seventh day for 3 to 5 miles. I will continue to follow the Spark die... Read more
Update on Losing weight After 50
Saturday, June 25, 2011      4 comments

It has been six months since I joined Spark People. I am still not smoking and I have lost close to 30 pounds. I still have 20 something pounds that I would like to lose, however the weight loss has slowed down to two or three pounds a month. S... Read more

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