Prophetic Word 8-31-2008
Sunday, August 31, 2008      5 comments

Hello friends! Today, at church, during worship, the Lord spoke this word to me. I know it was not only for me and I hope that it will bring encouragement to you as well. I heard the Lord say: It may seem as if night has fallen and t... Read more
I just....
Tuesday, August 19, 2008      6 comments

quit my job. I don't know exactly how to feel right now. I really liked what I did. I am a physical therapist and have been working in pediatrics for the last 8 years. I was recently offered a job working 17 less hours per week, but making c... Read more
Please Pray
Monday, August 18, 2008      3 comments

Hello all my powerful, prayer warriors. I was hoping that you would all pray for not only my family, but all those in the path of tropical storm/hurricane Fay. We live in the Sarasota/Bradenton area and that is where it is projected to make la... Read more
What a day...
Monday, August 18, 2008      1 comments

Today I dropped my first born off for his first day of Kindergarden. He did go to pre-k, but somehow this felt different. I am having a hard time believing that he is really 5 already. I bet the baby will be 5 before I know it! Thank y... Read more
I just realized something.....
Monday, August 18, 2008      2 comments

I finally have a healthy BMI!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! 24.7 is what it says when I calculate it. Yippee! Thank you Lord! I will do that which is in my control to make this body that you have blessed me with to be as healthy as possible! Each time ... Read more
My Never Again List...
Monday, August 11, 2008      2 comments

NEVER AGAIN will I : Confess "I can't" for "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Phil 4:13 Confess lack, for "My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." - Phil 4:19 ... Read more
Affirmations of Who I Am ...
Monday, August 11, 2008      2 comments

I am a winner - 2 Cor 2:14 I am an adequate person - 2 Cor 3:4-6 I am unique and special - 1 Pet 2:9 My life has purpose - Eph 2:10 As a person, I'm successful - Psa 1:1-3 I am strong and able - Psa 27:1 I am sufficient for ev... Read more
Tuesday, August 05, 2008      1 comments

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be on vacation for the rest of the week. I must say that I don't think I have ever been apprehensive about taking a vacation before, but right now I am. I know that I won't have my... Read more
Wow, 10 weeks down!
Friday, August 01, 2008      0 comments

Well, it's now been 10 weeks since I have been using Spark People. I have to say that it is the best plan that I have ever tried. I don't remember sticking to any "diet" for this long. Today I weighed in and have lost 10 lbs.! I feel so ener... Read more
6 Weeks in!
Saturday, July 05, 2008      2 comments

Well, I'm six weeks into this new me challenge and things are going great! I have lost a total of 6 lbs. now and it hasn't even been hard. Yes, I have had to learn to take time back for myself and ultimately this is making me a better mother a... Read more