Oh the webs we weave....
Sunday, October 12, 2008      1 comments

So when I think I'm going to do something great for myself I tend to start out well, but eventually I panic or find some excuse to mess up my groove. I haven't gained all my weight back, but it's close enough to feel like I have to start over. ... Read more
Meditation - what a great thing!
Saturday, September 06, 2008      1 comments

I finally got to meditate for the first time. I had bought a cd called " The Healing Waterfall" by Max Highstein a few months ago, but never "found the time" to listen to it. My main problem is finding a quiet place to do it, but since it was n... Read more
August 31st, 2008 - Day 1
Sunday, August 31, 2008      4 comments

My boyfriend and I had a long discussion about our health last night. I had been trying to get motivated to exercise. However, I stumbled on an old friend's facebook note and she had lost over 100lbs and looked amazing. She told me she joined... Read more