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Jury Duty in the Morning
Monday, January 18, 2016      3 comments

I did the responsible thing and responded to the jury summons. I have kept my fingers crossed all weekend that I would receive an email notifying me that my service was not necessary. Well, no email. Looks like I'm headed to Conroe for 8:00 a... Read more
Studying for Work
Saturday, October 25, 2014      5 comments

I'm studying for another license required by my work. I really don't like the subject matter but I have to do it and it's time to get serious and stop dilly-dallying.... Read more
Bottled Salad Dressing is Nasty!
Monday, November 11, 2013      7 comments

I don't know why I keep trying it. Dressing is so easy to make and there are really only a couple of bottled dressings that I like. I love bleu cheese/roquefort but nobody seems to be able to make an edible version for sale in the store. ... Read more
What an absolutely beautiful day!
Sunday, November 10, 2013      2 comments

I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged. It's gorgeous today in Southeast Texas. Just took the old girl for a walk. Took us 30 minutes to walk about a mile but she's feeling her age. ... Read more
Guess I should own up to being a weenie
Sunday, October 16, 2011      7 comments

Thanks to those who supported me about the eye dr (and not for laughing emoticon). Turns out my eyes are per... Read more
Appointment with the Eye Doctor
Thursday, September 29, 2011      6 comments

I have an appointment with an optometrist in about an hour. I haven't been in a few years and have only needed my glasses for reading and even then really only for the last year or so. I don't know why, but I am really nervous about this appoi... Read more
Saturday, May 21, 2011      4 comments

I really need some. The heat and humidity have returned to Texas and I just can't seem to get myself going.... Read more
Happy New Year!
Friday, December 31, 2010      2 comments

Happy New Year everyone! I'm going to be lazy today but tomorrow the Christmas tree gets packed up, early Spring cleaning begins, and resolutions are put in place!... Read more
Acorn Squash on a Chilly Night
Wednesday, October 06, 2010      3 comments

Don't know what happened but it's chilly here north of Houston. Got down to 40 last night. DH and I are loving the temperatures...leaving the windows open all night. Jolie isn't as fond of the cooler air (she has started sleeping under the b... Read more
Thank you SP Friends for the Birthday wishes!
Sunday, September 26, 2010      5 comments

I really was going to send everyone a personal thank you but when I logged in again this morning...well, let's just say that SP people are the best! I am so grateful for the well wishes and goodies. I love the food and exercise trackers... Read more
Home after a week in the swamps
Tuesday, September 14, 2010      4 comments

We just pulled in after spending a week at Lake Chicot outside of Ville Platte, LA. My awesome in-laws rented a couple of cabins that shared a dock right on the water. con: I ate dessert at least twice a day for a week (we were celebrat... Read more
Now I'm feeling it!
Saturday, August 28, 2010      2 comments

Not really sure what changed but I woke up this morning feeling a whole lot better. This has been a terrible week for me but I'm feeling in control again. ... Read more
Not feeling it right now
Friday, August 27, 2010      4 comments

My Saints are doing well. Showing a lot of areas that need work but that's what preseason is for. Me...not so good. I've gained three pounds and haven't exercised in over a week. Don't want to get into it but I'm not doing so good ... Read more
Cleaning out my favorite foods list
Wednesday, August 11, 2010      6 comments

Okay, I got tired of scrolling through what seemed like hundreds of foods in my favorites list when documenting what I had eaten each day. So, I got serious about deleting. I've been keeping foods in that list that I haven't eaten in months or... Read more
Husband slowly coming around
Wednesday, July 07, 2010      5 comments

DH is eating raw broccoli! He's come to really love it in his daily dinner salad...even mentioned that it makes the salad more hearty and filling! Then, last night he was watching me eat my brown rice and said maybe he'd like to try some ... Read more

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