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10/22 - Monday Morning Weigh-in
Monday, October 22, 2007      3 comments

Down 1.8 lbs this week! Woohoo! I was hoping for more, but if 1.8 is what I get I'll definitely take it. My pink team is doing INCREDIBLY well...They are averaging a 3 lb loss this week...WOW. I gotta get me some of what they g... Read more
Thoughts about running...
Sunday, October 21, 2007      3 comments

1. Kids can run really fast. I had my Skids and my nephew here this weekend. They loved the treadmill and wanted to go as fast as possible...with little effort they all got up to about 8 mph and held it for a few minutes. I would DIE. ... Read more
I'm a tiger
Friday, October 19, 2007      8 comments

I am a tiger. No, not I am the eye of the tiger...just I'm a tiger. I roar, I fight, I pounce, I claw... (This is starting to sound like bad poetry...) So, getting to the point - I did a proposal interview at work today... Read more
Motivation Station...
Tuesday, October 16, 2007      5 comments

I'm seeing a trend over the last couple of days ...a lack of motivation, a lack of self esteem, a fear of not accomplishing weight loss goals. In fact, I'm the biggest offender. I rolled out of bed today at 7:30AM and made a feeble half hearte... Read more
10/15 Monday morning weigh in
Monday, October 15, 2007      5 comments

GAAAAAAH! I totally indulged over the weekend again...not a single pound lost. This has GOT to change. So, my goal this week is to make it through the weekend WITHOUT indulging. I know I can do it. That being said, I did my fi... Read more
I heart myself...
Friday, October 12, 2007      7 comments

Its been such awful weather for the past week here in the great northwest... rain..rain and more rain... it just didn't seem to stop. Now today I sit at my desk gazing out the window and the sun is in full shine. Its the most beautiful thing.... Read more
A full 30 minutes...
Wednesday, October 10, 2007      6 comments

I've been working on getting my mile run time down, but this week I was thinking about my goals and I realized that I need to really work on endurance more than speed. For me, its more important that I can run as long as I need to instead... Read more
Trials of a weight loss diva...
Tuesday, October 09, 2007      2 comments

Ok, I'm not really a diva...and I'm not really taking a day off. I've been feeling poorly and just needed some time to let my body figure out what in the world its doing. The good news...I weighed in at 257.4 this morning...must be from ... Read more
10/8 - Official Monday Morning Weigh-in
Monday, October 08, 2007      6 comments

Wooohoooooooo! I'm down to 258.6 lbs! Thats a 2.6 lb loss this past week and I finally made it to the 50's "officially." I worked my buns off last week with exercise...I even dipped to 257 a couple of days, but these weekends always seem ... Read more
Glad its Friday...
Friday, October 05, 2007      2 comments

My picture of inspiration...the most incredible woman in the world...wonder hero... I'm not feeling it... Tired... Grumpy... Need intervention before I raid the chocolate fudge icecream bars... Good thing they... Read more
The better news is...
Wednesday, October 03, 2007      5 comments

Oh yeah...guess what that scale said this morning...I left 260-ville and moved into 250-ville. I got my MP3 player. *doing the happy dance!!!*... Read more
The good news is I'm sore...
Wednesday, October 03, 2007      3 comments

You should have seen DH and I last night. His contract job he's helping his brother with includes lots of manual labor...yesterday it was digging. Yesterday I started weight lifting... by 7:30PM he was asking if we could go to bed. By 8:30 we... Read more
Talking myself out of it...
Tuesday, October 02, 2007      6 comments

Holiday weight loss challenge: 1.12 lbs by Halloween -Friday, October 31 (249lb) 2.12 lbs by Thanksgiving -Thurs. November 22 (237lb) 3.10 lbs by Christmas - Thurs. December 25 (227lb) 4.1 lb New Years Day January 1, thru ... Read more
10/1 - Official Monday Morning Weigh-in
Monday, October 01, 2007      3 comments

Another week of stagnant progress...another week of zero loss...but on the bright side...another week of zero gained! Which is pretty miraculous considering that I didn't exercise 4 of 7 days last week Eeeek! I wrote in my personal j... Read more
Central Oregon
Sunday, September 30, 2007      4 comments

I just got back from my 5 days in central OR. I had to go there for work and then DH and I decided to stay the weekend kind of last minute. First, on the subject of diet and exercise...even with preplanning I didn't do so great. Well, foo... Read more

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