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I'm Back
Thursday, September 10, 2009      2 comments

So, I haven't been on in forever, and haven't been following a diet plan either. I started back on today. I ate better, not excellent, but better. I am going to do it this time. I just moved this past weekend, and realized that WOW I am so out o... Read more
Thursday, January 22, 2009      0 comments

The Pledge: I Pledge that during the BLC5 I will... good to my body and fill it with healthy foods and enough water to drown a fish. ...treat myself and my teammates with kindness and love. ...weigh in every week, n... Read more it's been awhile :(
Monday, December 01, 2008      1 comments

Sooo...obviously I haven't done this in a while, but I haven't really been doing everything I should have diet and exercise wise :( I have done really good over the last few days, and I lost 3.3 lbs, and I am also going to attend a weight watc... Read more
Week 3: 265 lbs.
Monday, November 10, 2008      1 comments

I did alright last week. I know I can do so much better!!! I cheat way too much with my food. It's hard when I have my two kids....we do karate, gymnastics, basketball, and when it's late and time to come home, I take the lazy way out, and drive... Read more
Week 2: 268 lbs.
Tuesday, November 04, 2008      0 comments

Ok, so last week I obviously lost 3 lbs., but I feel I could have done so much better!! My husband and family went out to eat way too many times this weekend, and although I chose healthier foods for the most part, I also drank sodas, and didn't... Read more
Week 1: This is just the beginning 271 lbs.
Tuesday, October 28, 2008      4 comments

I am new to Spark people, and am extremely excited I found this!! I am going to start updating my blog weekly just so I can help keep tabs on myself. I will update some positive things I did, and some areas where I can improve. I am currently 27... Read more