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The Elusive 8-hour Sleep
Thursday, March 04, 2010      0 comments

Although I enjoy that I have these kinds of problems, my next challenge is getting 8 hours of sleep per night. Which I assume is supposed to be continuous. Right now is around my peak thinking time (10pm-ish) as I am a night person by nature. ... Read more
Weight Loss Goals, Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Wednesday, March 03, 2010      1 comments

Yesterday morning I had a brief but horrifying experience at the gym that made me question my weight loss goal. I had just come from the elliptical machine and bounded over to the free weight area when I caught a glimpse of myself in the wall ... Read more
The Spark -- The Book
Thursday, February 25, 2010      1 comments

I have started reading The Spark and already I am ridiculously motivated to make more changes in my life. The book itself is actually interactive, which I have always loved in my reading fancies. I just got a crazy amount of points just for re... Read more
Items that lead to Emotional Eating
Wednesday, December 30, 2009      0 comments

My next long term action steps is to blog about whether emotional eating is a problem for me. Of course it is. I've been doing a good job to avoid it these last couple of weeks, but that's not to say that it won't crop up later on because the ... Read more
I've been a bad girl...but also a good one! LOL
Wednesday, December 09, 2009      0 comments

Several weeks ago, I decided that I was only allowed to weigh myself once per week, after I had reached all my weekly calorie and fitness goals. But I've been feeling a little skinnier the past two days, so I decided to take a peek. Bad girl!... Read more
Running 'round in circles...i.e. Gym Life
Friday, October 23, 2009      0 comments

Yesterday one of my weight loss buddies said that I had been doing so good losing weight that I should imagine how much faster it would happen if I was doing more hardcore workouts. While I've been doing cardio every week, I've mostly been walk... Read more
Week-end weight loss
Wednesday, October 21, 2009      0 comments

Is it possible that I only lose weight at the end of the week and on the weekends? It seems like during the week, I maintain the same number for 2-3 days and then, towards the end of the week, there seems to be significant poundage lost. I... Read more
Juicing - The Other Diet Change
Monday, October 19, 2009      0 comments

I believe I have just experienced one of the more uncomfortable effects of juicing. I started with simple items yesterday and I felt fine, energetic even. I started with juicing some apple, pear and grapes together with moderate success ... Read more
TonyToniTone says, "It feels good!"
Thursday, October 01, 2009      0 comments

This morning it looks like I broke into the double digits. That's right, I am a 25% of the way there with 10 pounds of weight loss. This is awesome! ... Read more
Am I really...?
Tuesday, September 29, 2009      1 comments

Although I was quick to enter my latest weight, I'm a little wary about the reading. I purchased my scale at Target for about $25 and have always been a little shaky about its consistency. From the very first time that I got on the scale twice... Read more
Tuesday, September 22, 2009      0 comments

Against my better judgment, I decided to weigh myself this morning. emoticon Lo and behold, I got a pleasant surp... Read more
Friday, September 18, 2009      0 comments

It looks like things aren't so bad after all. emoticon While enduring my monthly reminder (hey, we're still ... Read more