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Eating Too Little
Sunday, August 25, 2013      15 comments

So I hadn't lost for a month. Until, of course, I had a few days where I was SUPER hungry, so I ate more. Still under maintenance, but I ate more. Guess what? I lost weight. For the past 6 weeks I'd been eating 1450-1750 ... Read more
Saturday, August 24, 2013      5 comments

Monday: Chicken Paillards w/ Lemon Butter Sauce, Egg Noodles and Steamed Broccoli Tuesday: Ham Steak, Eggs & Home Fries w/ Watermelon Wednesday: Asian Noodle Bowl w/ London Broil Thursday: Ham & Potato Soup w/ Salad Friday: Leftover Saus... Read more
Welcome All My New Friends!!
Monday, August 19, 2013      14 comments

It's great to meetcha! I just wanted to write out a small blog to let you know that the last few days of my blogs are NOT indicative of my personality. I've been mopey, and that's because a very difficult anniversary passed for me. BUT - I'... Read more
Men Yew!
Saturday, August 17, 2013      13 comments

Sunday: Ham & Pineapple Pita Pizzas (On HOMEMADE pita bread) Monday: Turkey Enchilada Casserole & Rice Tuesday: Peach Chicken Tagine w/ Couscous Wednesday: Sausage, Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna Thursday: Balsamic Pork chops w/ Rice & Gril... Read more
Back of the Head Sucker Punch
Wednesday, August 14, 2013      12 comments

That's what my emotions did to me today. Yesterday they hugged me, whispered comforting words into my ear, told me to remember the good times. Today, they betrayed me. (Thank you for all your support on my previous blog, btw, it really means a l... Read more
Remembering Dad & Figuring Me Out
Tuesday, August 13, 2013      18 comments

My Dad died one year ago today at around 2pm EST of a massive heart attack. I miss him every day, but remember him in my heart and in the words that come out of my ... Read more
Vacation Part 2!
Saturday, August 10, 2013      8 comments

Monday we drove to Asheville, leaving Bingley with my mom and his three 'siblings'. We made it to Asheville around 4:30 PM, checked into our hotel then drove downtown to try to see the sights. Now here is something I hate about the south. EVERYT... Read more
Vacation, part One!
Saturday, August 10, 2013      9 comments

I am still pooped from vacation. The scale is up a few lbs but I'm not worried because I didn't eat a single homecooked meal while I was away, so I'm sure it's sodium bloat! We left Friday night around 7 PM and made it to my mom's in Richmo... Read more
Vacation Plans & Just Plain Old Stuff I Like
Thursday, August 01, 2013      10 comments

Tomorrow I leave for the first real vacation I've had since I've been married. Our "honeymoon" was a long weekend in DC doing the free Smithsonian museums. (We did however eat at an amazing Jose Andres restaurant called Zatinaya, check it out if... Read more
Advice for Those That Want to Lose
Tuesday, July 30, 2013      20 comments

I got a haircut yesterday, and my friend asked me what I was doing to lose weight. I gave her the whole spiel, and she mentioned that she looks at her coworkers and sees how thing they are and compares herself to them. Here's what I said to her,... Read more
I need to win the lottery
Thursday, July 25, 2013      14 comments

You know how things go well for a while and you get complacent and then all of a sudden the isht hits the fan? In this past week I've found out: 1) my hubbys front brakes are GRINDING ($500) 2) I need another crown ($600) 3) Hubb... Read more
This Week's Menu!
Tuesday, July 23, 2013      14 comments

Sun - BBQ Pork Chops w/ Two-Potato Gratin & Salad Mon - Chicken Satay w/ Peanut Sauce and Tabouleh Tuesday - Open Faced Sloppy Joes on Double Fiber bread with leftover Tabbouleh Weds: Lentil Soup w/ Habanero Jack Grilled Cheese Sandwiches... Read more
Thank You! - Plus, Art We Can Relate To
Monday, July 22, 2013      8 comments

Wow guys, that was FAST!!! It really touches me that you guys are motivated by me, even if up til this point I wasn't a SparkPeople Motivator. Now I am, thanks to all of you! ... Read more
Putting Weight Loss to the Forefront Doesn't Work for Me
Monday, July 22, 2013      17 comments

I know, it's weird. But hear me out. I never do the Spark Challenges, and whenever I challenge myself to exercise (remember the corset challenge - I bombed that one) I quit. Why? Because to me, forcing weight loss to the forefront doe... Read more
Monday, July 15, 2013      27 comments

I've been promising new photos for a while. I'm really bad about that, and I apologize. However, this blog will make up for it!! As you all know (POMATOJUICE, I'm looking mostly at you) I am a nerd who loves dressing up for the Renaissance ... Read more

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