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Challenge yourself!
Thursday, January 22, 2009      5 comments

This worked before for me....so I'm going to do this again! I'm challenging myself to walk every day no matter what! I will start out small...those of you who know me, know that once I start thats all it takes! So...my challenge is...oh yeah, ... Read more
Today is yet another day of the CHANGING ME....
Friday, January 09, 2009      12 comments

I decided last week today would be my last day for smoking...lol! There is NO WAY I can exercise, lose weight, get healthy AND STILL SMOKE! So, no more cigarettes! I'm DONE DONE DONE! I know me...if i tell myself something I can and will do it... Read more
New challenge!
Wednesday, January 07, 2009      5 comments

I'm challenging everyone that reads this to make a goal weight date for yourselves! You know we all want to lose weight....but did you ever think....that putting a date on your weight loss could actually motivate you to keep moving towards it? I... Read more
Fresh start....
Wednesday, January 07, 2009      5 comments

Here it is again...the begining for yet another NEW YEAR...and everyone's New Years resolution is to lose weight AGAIN....me included, but unlike any other year...I'm not DIETING, I'm changing my life! No more saying I can't have this or that...... Read more
100 pounds GONE FOREVER!!!!!
Monday, July 21, 2008      26 comments

Well it's been forever since I wrote a blog...not because I haven't been here on spark, just that my life is so hectic right now...but I am still making time for me! Today I weighed in and finally broke the 100 pounds lost goal of mine! I ... Read more
NO MORE "we can do this, it's now "I DID IT!!
Tuesday, June 10, 2008      16 comments

I finally did it!! I weighed in today and hot the 299 mark! I am NO LONGER over 300 pounds..I might only be 299 but to go from 387 to 299...I'm EXCITED to say the least..lol. My next mini goal is to be 280 pounds BEFORE Aug 21...I'm in a ... Read more
Month in review....
Tuesday, June 03, 2008      10 comments

Well it's a new month...that means new goals and to look over what I accomplished last month! My goal was to be 303 by the 31, I was 304, but I was 301 on the second so I'm still good! My goal was to exercise everyday and eat right which ... Read more
Just a simple question....
Wednesday, May 14, 2008      7 comments

that made me think all day! lol... I was reading a members page this morning and came across sexyfatchick's page (Linda) and as I was reading her page this simple little question jumped out and smacked me right in the head..lol! WHAT ... Read more
Just because...
Thursday, May 08, 2008      6 comments

I have to! lol, that's why I'm here everyday...and doing my workout! I was sitting here the past 3 days struggling to get to my workout...thinking of a million different reasons why I CAN'T do this...but then I realised I HAVE TO DO THIS BECAU... Read more
Month in review....
Wednesday, April 30, 2008      7 comments

OK...this one is a little different then all the other months..lol. I am going to toot my own horn here for a little...I'm PROUD of what I did this month! This is one of the first months I was actually proud to do a monthly review... I st... Read more
Are You Giving Your Goals Your Best Effort?
Saturday, April 19, 2008      3 comments

Hmmm...this was a GREAT question for me! It was brought to my attention by one of our LWL team leaders Jen, she asked us about it and said we could talk about it or blog...well I'm bloggin ... Read more
The reason behind my "MOTIVATION" (BL 7 challenge)
Tuesday, April 15, 2008      3 comments

In our Biggest Loser 7 Carrie has challenged us to find a motivational picture that keeps us reaching for our goals, and if we want to explain why....well I believe this picture is worth a THOUSAND words... When I started this journey I was... Read more
BL7 Challenge! First weekly challenge!!!
Tuesday, April 08, 2008      6 comments

Ok team here is my plan... ~ My plan is to keep walking! I'm walking 3 miles a day right now with Leslie Sansone's walk away your waist line with the walk belt and I'm loving it! I feel strong and I'm getting ready to go another mile! I ... Read more
Last months review
Wednesday, April 02, 2008      7 comments

I was looking over my weigh in from March to April...I'm down 10.6 pounds and 11.75 inches! I'm on track...and PROUD I finally had a month where I didn't yo-yo back to what I started at! Now...I have put some really tough goals out there for m... Read more
Determination, dedication, motivation....WHAT IS YOUR DRIVE?
Wednesday, March 26, 2008      13 comments

Ok...first off I want to say I seen this picture on one of the leaving 300-ville team's blogs and it just sparked me... Now...I was sitting here and thinking what is it that is pushing me to MY goals! What is keeping me on track? Is it de... Read more

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