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Baby on board.
Thursday, October 13, 2011      0 comments

I'm moving over to BabyFit as I am now pregnant. I never met my goal to get down to a healthy BMI prior to having a baby but this baby is a surprise. Off I go on a new journey. My new goal is to watch my weight and try to gain only a reasonable ... Read more
Back on track.
Friday, July 23, 2010      0 comments

I am back on track. Tracking all my calories, working out and losing weight. Yesterday I was back down to 144.2. Feeling a lot better seeing myself under the 145 pound mark again. I had done well for a long time making better food choices and I ... Read more
Friday, January 29, 2010      1 comments

I have been diligent this week tracking and counting my calories and it is already paying off!! I was super excited last night when I weighed myself and was under 147 for the first time in a long time. I can't believe just a few days has made su... Read more
Planning a Pregnancy 15 pounds to go.
Tuesday, January 26, 2010      0 comments

Recently my hubby and I have discussed having our first child. We are nearing 30 and have finally decided we are ready. We hope to spend this summer together including a vacation to Rome, Italy then planning for pregnancy in the fall. Knowing th... Read more
My new scale
Thursday, January 14, 2010      1 comments

My hubby got me the digital scale I wanted as a gift. I am finding it a great tool. I couldn't really see exactly what I weighed on my old scale as it was too far to see and not as acurate. I am digging the digital display with .2 accuracy. It i... Read more
Tuesday, October 06, 2009      1 comments

Wow. We are nearing the end of 2009 and I have not made any progress this year. But I still have three months left and I am going to start again. I decided to change my tracker to track pounds lost. At one point last year I was down to around 14... Read more
I did this to myself.
Monday, December 22, 2008      0 comments

I have ate everything in site this holiday season. Sadly I have gained 4 pounds back but I gotta say it could be worse. I am still happy to be ending the year lighter than last year. And if it takes me a year to lose another 10 pounds I will be ... Read more
Here I go again
Friday, November 14, 2008      0 comments

I haven't been serious about my nutrition in a long time. I haven't been tracking and started drinking soda again and can feel the difference. I feel bloated and I am once again experiencing difficulty sleeping. Now is a good time to try again. ... Read more
Monday, August 11, 2008      0 comments

Last week I started seriously again. I am happy with how I have done this week. I have ate well and exersized more this week than I ever have and feel great. Most exciting thing that has happened in a while for me is I went shopping at my fav... Read more
Starting again.
Thursday, August 07, 2008      1 comments

So I stopped paying attention for a few weeks. That isn't to say I went overboard but I only went to the gym a couple times and starting drinking soda (although not as much as I used to) again. Tuesday 8/5 I decided to get focused again. W... Read more
Thursday, July 17, 2008      0 comments

Wow looking at my page I noticed I had a weight update of 157 on 8/16/07. That is almost a year ago! I haven't lost much since then but I am still happy with my progress. I am heading in the right direction and as long as things stay that way I ... Read more
Saturday, June 28, 2008      0 comments

Today I weighed in at 149 and some change. I have lost over 10 pounds and I am now half way to my first goal of 140. Since I started counting my calories the weight has just been slowly melting. I am perfectly happy with 1 pound a week and altho... Read more
Uh oh.
Tuesday, June 10, 2008      1 comments

I was doing so good slowly loseing weight. This past week I gained 1.5 pounds! I went out to eat all weekend and am now facing the consequences. I am determined this time to turn this ship around and head back in the right direction. I am ... Read more
I'm doing it.
Monday, June 02, 2008      0 comments

I may have blown it this weekend going way over my calorie limit but I am so happy that I am finally seeing my weight steadily decrease. Slowly but surely. It takes a lot of effort but it is worth it. I am also seeing a difference in my waist. I... Read more
Starting from scratch
Monday, September 17, 2007      0 comments

Things have taken a dive since I went on vacation the last week of August. As expected I ate a lot in Vegas but expected to jump right back on the bandwagon upon returning home. Calorie restriction and working out. But that has yet to happen. I ... Read more

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