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Oven Roasted Veggies
Friday, May 13, 2011      9 comments

My main course for the last two days has been assorted veggies drizzled with olive oil and lots of chopped garlic, then roasted at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes, depending on the type of vegetable and size of the pieces. Yummy. I just add ... Read more
On the way.
Thursday, May 12, 2011      8 comments

I was supposed to start my personal challenge today but I was so excited yesterday after blogging about it, I started early, lol. All those freshly picked veggies I bought at the Farmers' Market were delicious in a large raw salad. Turnups... Read more
My 12-12 Personal Challenge
Wednesday, May 11, 2011      14 comments

I’ve been away from SP and my SP friends for a while. Withdrew from my leadership positions. I lost my enthusiasm for posting and blogging and haven’t been able to get it back. It seemed that each time I tried, some other misfortune came along ... Read more
Thank You for the Good Thoughts!
Thursday, March 31, 2011      14 comments

I want to thank all my Spark Friends for all the good thoughts and kind words and heartfelt prayers sent on behalf of my DIL. She is home from the hospital with new meds that seem to working, finally, to dissolve the long blood clot in her leg.... Read more
Wednesday, March 23, 2011      13 comments

Just yesterday I wrote about how well my DIL did after her double mastectomy. But she called me last night to say she had to go to the emergency room yesterday with severe pain in her leg. In spite of wearing heavy stretch hosing put on her le... Read more
Home, Sweet Home.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011      9 comments

I've just returned from visiting my son and his family in Denver. My DIL had a double mastectomy. My son took off from work for a couple of weeks to do all she needed for aftercare. Who knew he'd be such a good nurse! I helped with my tw... Read more
For this year.
Tuesday, February 15, 2011      10 comments

Dear God, My prayer for 2011 is for a fat bank account & a thin body. Please don't mix these up like you did last year. AMEN ... Read more
Friday, November 12, 2010      5 comments

THANKSGIVING DAY NOTICE. Here’s a little sample of the caloric content of a typical American Thanksgiving Day Dinner put together a couple of years ago by a small group of weight watching women to which I belonged. When you consi... Read more
No More Mud!!
Friday, November 12, 2010      3 comments

Ok, this was more fun than I ever imagined! You'll have to read my previous blog about the contest to know what I'm talking about here. . . I think RaylinStephpens Your Own Retirement View Bestows Great Youth was the most inspiring! ... Read more
A Little Contest - For You - To Help Me
Wednesday, November 10, 2010      9 comments

I'm trying to create a mnemonic - a memory aid - to remember these colors in this order: Yellow Orange Red Violet Blue Green Yellow In other words, I'm trying to create a sentence to help me remember these colors in this or... Read more
Tuesday, November 09, 2010      7 comments

I have a friend who is struggling with alcohol addiction right now. He’s going to AA meetings. He’s told everyone at work what he’s doing. He’s told his family. He’s put himself out there so he really can’t just give up. He’s serious about ... Read more
Paths, Mountains, Leaps and Friends
Thursday, November 04, 2010      3 comments

I've always been fascinated by trails and paths, since I was a child. I followed quite a few of them in the mountains of Wyoming, long ago, not nearly as far off the beaten path as I would have liked, but luscious and full of sustenance for the ... Read more
Monday, October 04, 2010      10 comments

My son and grandkids are coming from Denver. Halloween is coming! Thanksgiving is coming! Christmas is coming! What do all these things have in common? FOOD! I MUST start now to really get a grip on my eating.... Read more
Scent of a Woman
Monday, October 04, 2010      8 comments

We all have our favorites. I wear Obsession the most. Also Red Door. Before I retired I liked Escape. Everyone got a kick out of me wearing Escape to the jail every day. I wonder if the scent we like symbolizes anything in our life? Wh... Read more
Thursday, September 30, 2010      11 comments

One scoop of ice cream emoticon is always going to have fewer calories than two scoops of ice cream. ... Read more

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