my witching hour...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

altho the term technically refers to midnite, im personally using it slightly differently...

Ive always been a firm believer in the calorie deficit theory.....calories in/calories burned. This is a ground theory for weight loss..as long as you have a caloric deficit at the end of the day, in the end there will be weight loss.

There are many nutritionists, Dr.'s, dieticians that have said you shouldnt eat alteast 2 hours before bed. In the past I have debunked this theory because Ive never had a problem with this.

But I have been struggling to loose those last 10-15#. Something has got to give.... Is it my lack of discipline?..possibly...

Has anyone out there stopped eating atleast 2 hours before bed and found that they *jumpstarted* their weight loss. Im referring to those of us that have been dieting for some time and was looking for a change in there eating lifestyle?

my witching hour, so to speak, starts after 10pm...i get home from the gym by 8pm, and if im not in bed by 10, the cravings kick in...Ive been having a serving of oatmeal in that 2 hour timeframe because im hungry after an intense workout and also its been about 3 hours since my last meal..so technically, with my bodytype, I should eat again..(sigh)..jello and sugar free fruit pops just dont cut it..and switching to vegetables is soooo not apealing....after 10pm tho im wanting more of something..and its usually sweet. drinking water doesnt help. and if i just have a small portion of lets say ice cream it just leads to binging...

anyone out there have any suggestions?....as most of you know, im not a noob to healthy eating and exercising. However, i am open to some "unique" suggestions or anyone's experiences.

Thanks Much~
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    I was going to say lean protein too. I feel weird offering advice to someone who's as in great shape as you are lol, but you probably know that protein breaks down much more slowly. I'm someone who can't sleep if I don't eat an hour or two before bed. I can't sleep if I'm hungry, so I read up on it and the recommendation was that if you do eat prior to bed to eat protein.
    4721 days ago
    Maybe you could switch from a carb to a lean protein. the carbs give you energy/fuel, do you have a hard time getting to sleep after? I read in a Spark Article that protein keeps you fuller longer and it will help build and repair cells and tissue such as muscle and organs. Hope this helps you. You are looking fabulous by the way!
    4722 days ago
    I use EFT... Emotional Freedom Technique for cravings- this is about as unique as it gets.


    This is the official website. Spark mail me if you have any questions or would like to try it out.

    4724 days ago
    There are two different kinds of binging. One is for genuine hunger. The other is for other reasons.
    If yours is the first, try using fiber to your benefit. The fiber that helps you feel full is eating 8 to 12 hours previous. My witching hour is from 9 to 10, I take a fiber pill around 10 in the morning. This is what really does it for me.
    4731 days ago
    I hear you. My witching hour is 7-8pm. When I was working the calorie deficit method, everything was completely mathematical and worked well. I lost about 17 pounds in about 3 months. Then I stalled or plateaued. Between 7-8pm, I tried my best not to eat, but often snacked on fruit or nuts. What a killer. This didn't help my plateau. I didn't gain weight, but I was stuck. Last Oct, I started watching my macro nutrients more than calories. Clean eating was a given, but I had carbs early in the day, and never after my 3rd meal. This kicked started my loss again and broke the plateau after about the 2nd week. It was hard b/c I was hungry and had to resist my old habit of a little snack between 7-8pm. I avoided this witching hour by changing my routine during this period. Instead of watching TV, which I normally did to unwind, I'd sit at my computer and read SP blogs and BFFM blogs etc to keep my mind occupied and motivated. After 8pm, it was too late to eat, so I'd go out and watch TV. I drink alot of warm water at night b/c it warms my body... I get cold easily when I'm low carb cycling. Since watching my macros, I'm down about another 7 pounds which I never thought could/would happen, but it's working.
    4742 days ago
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