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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm posting because I haven't posted, not because I have any particular problems or questions.. not because I think I have anything enlightening to say (which is danged unusual for me!). Maybe I needed a hobby or something, because I'm frankly having a blast trying out new meal ideas, reading message boards, trying out new recipes and tracking the shipping company for the arrival of my new treadmill. I could kick myself for not doing this years ago when my minor health problems turned into major ones.

OOO ooo! I do have something to share! Soda pop! I was a diet coke addict for years!! When my plain old high blood pressure, for which I had taken one pill daily for years, suddenly, without warning jumped up to life threatening levels (300/150) my life changed radically. I suddenly was taking 4 different medications and even then my blood pressure was very difficult to control. I was so afraid I would have a stroke. I even moved, sold my house, to be closer to my family because of it. One of the medications I took literally turned me into an invalid. I could only walk a few steps without becoming short of breath. I was confused all the time and I felt .. just.. miserable. Thank goodness I don't have to take that medicine any longer. Anyway!! One day, a nurse practitioner was talking to me about my habits and diet. She questioned me about carbonated beverages and I admitted to my diet, decaffeinated cola habit. "You know", she said, "You might want to stop drinking those." I protested.. why? No calories.. no caffeine. She said, "sodium". Really? Hmmmm... One would think I would rush out and trash my supply, but I didn't. In fact, I waited another 4 years, sucking them down daily, until about six months ago, I finally stopped drinking them, again because of health problems. I began to have kidney infections (not bladder infections) that made me really sick for several days at a time. Every time I would radically increase my daily water intake in an effort to "flush" my kidneys and speed my recovery. But.. again and again, I would recover and a month or two later, I'd be sick again. Some light bulb finally clicked in my dimly lit brain, and I stopped. Those cola's were not only filling me with nasty sodium, they were dehydrating me to the point my poor old kidneys had nuthin but sludge in 'em! Cold turkey, baby! I have not been ill once since. I was sick so often, I was embarrassed about it. I was reluctant to admit it to my children when they called. I honestly do not even miss Diet Coke. I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning, water, and my new love, herbal teas (Tazo-Passion=yummy). My blood pressure reads like a teenager, though I continue to take medication. I'm really hopeful that my MD will let me reduce some of them on my next visit. I truly believe that for some of us, carbonated beverages, even zero calorie and zero caffeine varieties are dangerous! /end rant
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    I'm glad you found a way to feel better. I'm curious how 28mg of sodium (1% of daily consumption) could be the culprit. Maybe it's something else in the diet coke. Either way, in general, the less soda the better. I too have cut all caffeinated beverages from my diet.
    4092 days ago
    I have been addicted to diet soda since, oh, toddle hood. Actually, I have a vivid memory of sneaking a taste of my Mother's TAB and immedicatly threw it up. In college, a classmate, as part of an assignment in a communications class, gave me a fake stock certificate for the Coca-Cola Company because I arrived every morning to class with a Diet Coke in my hand. I am a Diet Coke freak! Recently, without much thought, I've decided to stop drinking my noon Diet Coke. I haven't had one for a week. I can't say I'm cured or that I will be clean for the rest of my life. But I am proud that I haven't had a fix for a week!
    4095 days ago
    They are soooo bad and I am totally addicted. This year I am taking the major step to give them up for Lent. I know if I can do that I can get them out of my life for good.

    Thanks for posting about this, it makes me less scared (and more confident that I can do it) to see someone else who classified themselves as an addict able to give it up!

    Next Wednesday is the day! Wish me luck!
    4095 days ago
    I have heard so much about diet soda not being good for you because of the high sodium. We really have to watch the "diet " WW meals and others as a lot of them are also very high is sodium.
    4096 days ago
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