A teammate from one of my Sparkteams posted an entry asking us what changes we have noticed since we joined Sparkpeople and started exercising and eating better. This is one of my favorite topics so I had to reply! I thought I would also post my answers here as a reminder to myself:

Since I have lost weight and started exercising I have notice some wonderful changes!

1) I have not had one arthritis flare-up in my knees! (I'm young for arthritis, but I started having problems around 18, and that was when I was skinny!)

2) No more heartburn/acid reflux! None, nada, zilch, zippo! I had to restrict my diet, I couldn't even drink OJ, it would give me terrible heartburn. And if I ate too late...I would suffer for it!

3) More energy! Before I started getting exercise, walking up the 3 flights of stairs at work would have me huffing and puffing! Now I run up those same three flights, without a problem! I can walk and walk, at a quick speed, and feel like I could keep walking forever!

4) I feel younger. (and look it too) With more energy, and less negativity I am enjoying my life more.

5) I feel more confident! At work I am constantly showered with praise and encouragement, every single day. I am embarrassed by all the compliments I get, but I also secretly love it. The girls at work now call me skinny! (That's a nickname I never thought I would have!) And I love how the security guards are flirting with me, that's an ego boost. One of my co workers told me she can see that I have more self-confidence. She said it is visible in the way I walk and stand, she told me I walk and stand with my shoulders back and my head high. (That was something I wasn't even aware of until she mentioned it.)

6) And finally I love to shop for new clothes. I HATED shopping for clothes before. I use to look for clothes that would conceal my body. Now I shop for what makes me feel good. Now I shop for pretty things, or things that show off my new shape! And going from buying pants in size 16-18 to buying size 6 - 8, well, that never fails to bring a smile of victory to my face. (Some clothing lines I am still in a size 10 though. It depends on the clothing line. For anyone looking for an ego boost, I recommend buying Gloria Vanderbilt, Old Navy, or the Gap, I am in a size 6 in their clothes! They must have a little more generous proportions to their clothing.)
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    I so desperately want to have these same "changes". I am only 41 and I constantly hurt everywhere, my tummy bloats everytime I eat, and I have no energy and no self-confidence, my self-image right now is awful...I hate how I look. Thanks for really motivated me to keep going! Tammy
    4216 days ago
    That is so awesome!!! :) I HATE shopping for clothes (it's getting better as I'm slowly going down) but it can be painstaking when nothing fits, or you know you can't shop at Abercrombie or Forever 21 because their L or XL doesn't even fit. There are so many benefits to being healthy it's unbelievable! Now, if only everyone else in America jumped on the bandwagon.. hehe. Your page is very inspiring!
    4445 days ago
    Wow! Those are some amazing changes! You are right that shopping is SO much fun now, where before it was gruelingly painful. And I love the Gap's clothing sizes, too! But just having more energy and less pain makes it SO worth it.
    4509 days ago
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