Friday, January 25, 2008

ok, where do i begin???
this was my first plane ride ever! i loved it. looking down on the clouds was incredible. i want to go again!!!!!!!!!
as we landed in ohio, the sun was going down so i got to see the sunset from above. after i got the luggage, i went outside to get the shuttle for the rental car and the wind took my breath away. it was about 15 degrees and windy. i got the car and drove up highway 75 to anna ohio. got to johns about 8 pm. my first ever look at a very special man. he was everything i had dreamed of. we talked and talked. he kissed me like i had never been kissed before. he had to get up early for work, so it was time for good night. the next morning i drove him to work and then got lost coming back to town. imagine a poor texas girl lost on the back roads of ohio at 6 am in the dark and snow flurries!!!!!!! but i found an open convenience store and found my way back. after a short nap and a shower, i called him and got directions and made it back to pick him up at noon. it was so cold, but the sun was out. we went back to his house for a while. it just kept getting colder and colder until it finally dropped to -3 degrees with a wind chill factor of -22 degrees. needless to say, we did not go out to dinner, we stayed there. on sunday morning i cooked for him for the first time. and then we just chilled at the house for a while. then we finally ventured out and i got to meet his best friend and we finally made it to dinner. he drove me around town and showed me some of the sights. next morning i made him breakfast again before he left for work. he mentioned very casually when he was leaving that he could not wait for this to be how every morning went after we got married. my heart stopped. i stuttered "what--what did you say?" and he looked at me and said"oh yes didn't you know i want to marry you?" then he kissed me and went out the door to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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