Wagons, and other things to fall off of....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

.... so i fell off the wagon.... ummmm sort of....

saturday was my belly dancing class... the first hour long class... the intro was only half an hour... and boy did we WORK during that hour!! it was tough!... but fun...

the hardest part for me is/was seeing myself in the mirror... i've said before "i have an hour glass figure... it's just 48 hours instead of 24!!".... and so seeing my bigger self wasn't really so bad.... nobody vomited during the class... that has to be good!... LOL... the hardest part was seeing my chubby arms during the 'window' poses... you raise your hands over your head, and touch the backs of your hands together... this frames or 'windows' your head... then you do the 'walk like an egyptian' head slide thingie...(i'm sure it has a real name this move, i just don't know what it is... and every time we do it i just want to break out into 'walk like an egyptian'..)
well... i did this move and seeing my chubby (i had to restrain myself from typing 'fat'... trying to be more positve and all that) arms with my dimpled elbows was really depressing... long sleeves for me from now on in that class!!

after class, back home for tea and scrabble with one of my best gurls... she's my 'number 2'.... kinda like star trek... so, as i was socializing... and not paying much attention.. i neglected to drink all my water, and enter my food.... opps!

sunday, lots of laying around, no exercise, lots of tv and movies... was on my best behaviour food wise... but not enough water and no entering... *sigh*.... i don't think i fell off the wagon on sunday... i JUMPED.... ummm.. is that counted as exercise?!?!?

monday.... 'aunt flo' laid me low!!.... (that sounds so musical!!).... i didn't even go to work... i laid on the couch and tried to bleed to death... (i know, i know... ewwwwwww.... ).... i got up and showered and tried to go to work, but before we could leave i was laying on the couch bawling my head off i had such bad cramps.... like... UBER... KILL ME NOW kinda cramps... my dan was such a honey.... he got me alevee (which you can only get in the states, and it ROCKS...)... and a hot water bottle.. and he kissed my forehead.... *sigh*... i don't know why, but that always makes me feel a little better... well... okay, so i still felt crappy, and the kiss didn't help... but it was sweet all the same... so anyway, didn't go to work, thus, didn't do the circut before work... and also didn't go to pilates monday night.... also, didn't get my water... got some... but not enough... JUMPED OVER the wagon that day...

tuesday, my hunny bunny... love him to bits and bites, but sometimes he can be SO SLOW.... so got to work at 9:40.. and since i start at 10 it wasn't enough time to work out... so i tried to drink all my water.....and i did... ummm i think ..... and i ran over real quick at the end of work and rode the bike for 20 minutes... then did yoga last night... for an hour and a half... (last nights class was a bitch... but that's a whole other blog... )...

so now i'm trying to get back on track... i feel so derailed... amazing what three days will do to you!!

so... i practiced and perfected the art of falling off the wagon... now i'm gonna practice falling off of other things... like....

my tendancy to sit on my butt and do nothing...
my ability to avoid mirrors and other shiney surfaces so i don't have to see how i REALLY look...
my tendancy to avoid situations where i might get some exercise but there might be 'skinny minnys' around...

i'm gonna go practice that stuff now...

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  • RACHEL630
    Hey, I'm proud of you! It sounds like you're doing great with exercising. Between yoga and bellydancing you're moving and groving! Grats to you. I hope you feel better soon. No one likes bleeding to death. Your blog always makes me laugh! Thanks.
    4927 days ago
  • SUSANK1971
    Tracy -- I feel your pain. I know exactly what you're talking about with the bellydancing class. I took one of those about 3 years ago. Didn't stick with it, because the only other chubby one in there was a GRANDMOTHER!!! and everyone else was a skinny-minny and they started showing up in leotards and scarves. And there I was in a baggy ratty t-shirt (because i refuse to sweat in nice clothes) and a pair of sweats. .... and to make matters worse, I'm short so the instructor always wanted to put me in front where she could see me ... and that put me right in front of the mirror making me look like the rotten apple in the bushel of red delicious. That's when I decided to start my own home gym. I got tapes from eBay, weights and other various things from Walmart and I use my television as a reflector --- mainly because I know it likes me, we spend lots more time together than my mirrors. LMAO
    4931 days ago
    You are a riot! I love it when people have fun and you sure sound like you are having a blast - enjoy! Jenna
    4932 days ago
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