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"Happy Weight"

Monday, January 21, 2008

So in the February issue of Self there is a way to calculate your "happy weight." It says "Stop aiming for an unrealistic goal and use this formula to get your ideal digits."

So I go through the calculations waiting for the exciting answer to my "what's my happy weight?" question. So what is it? My "happy weight" is apparently 128, which is 17 pounds lower than my goal weight! They had a whole article where the women said what their goal weights are and then the expert saying what their happy weight SHOULD be. Their happy weights were all higher than their goal weights!

It basically just made me feel sad that they want me to lose even more weight than I planned! For reference here is what you're supposed to do.

Multiply your height by itself. (since I'm 5'4'' I multiply 64*64). Then you multiply it by .031

If you have a small frame you multiply your result by .95 or by 1.05 if you have a large frame. (if you have a medium frame, like me, leave the number alone)

Add 1 pound if a sibling or parent is obese.

Add 2 pounds for each decade you are over age 20. (since I'm almost 25 I added one pound)

Add 5 pounds if you've had any children.

Subtract 2 pounds if you exercise and weight train once a week, subtract 2 pounds if you do it three times a week, or subtract 3 pounds for five or more times a week.

Add 4 pounds if you smoked at least a pack a day for a year or more and have since quit.

Add 1 pound if you allow yourself a treat now and then.

My result after all of these calculations, was again 128. I might have weighed that in middle school. I know I didn't weigh that in high school. The problem is I have no frame of reference for me at that weight, so I'm not sure how realistic it is!

I've decided that my "happy weight" will be what they said it was in the beginning. A healthy number "that would enable them to live well (dessert!), look great, and maintain peace of mind." Whatever that number is when I get there, I will be happy!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My Happy weight turned out to be 142. Still lower than the 146 I thought I would be happy with. At the start of this journey I wanted to lose 100 lbs. When I get closer, maybe I will decide more, maybe less. But right now, I am so far away, that "happy" weight is still a fantasy!

    3797 days ago
    Very interesting. I'm not sure I like their idea of my happy weight though. If you are happy at a certain weight, then I think you are happy no matter what anyone else says. Thanks for posting. BTW YOU look Great!
    3798 days ago
    Wow - interesting article, glad it only gave me 1 "5 pound" addition for both kids instead of an extra 10 pounds! Wonder how much time/energy/money was spent to come up with that calculation!!!! Thanks for sharing!
    3798 days ago
    Thanks for posting that...mine is about 8 pounds lower than my goal weight as well...not that I'd be apposed to trying, but like it seems everyone else is saying it's about how you FEEL! You're a huge motivation...looking at your page and seeing your progression is certainly uplifting. keep up the good work and thank you!!!
    3799 days ago
    My "happy weight" is 134...so an additional 6 lbs loss from my current goal.

    I'm not into this calculation thing though. I'm just going to stop when I get happy vs. letting a calculation determine said happiness!
    3801 days ago
    I say screw the artical also,,it says my happy weight should be 126, i'm over 40 yrs young and i would be happy at a weight of 145,,if i get less then that so be it..

    Good luck on your journey
    3802 days ago
    my happy weight is 145. I think i weighed that when I was 10. I'm sure that it's possible, MAYBE, but not betting on it. My happy weight is anything under 200. I agree screw the article, but shoot for your goals nonetheless.
    3804 days ago
    That's right! Don't let those magazines get you down!! Half of what they say is full of crap anyway...You need to set your goal according to YOU, every person is different, and once you reach that goal, you'll know it, because you'll be content with it, and start to maintain it. You can't decide your "happy weight" by adding a pound for every kid you pop out! Just unrealistic!!
    3806 days ago
    That is bullsheet! Sorry for the language but I have truckdirver genes in me....I thnk most of these so called health magazines are written by ppl that dont eat. Mine "happy weight" is 176! WTF, I have noooo desire to look like a scranny little boy! Hell if I could have my way I would want to be heavier with all muscles, but I live in reality so I will take less weight and just a little more muscles lol. Happy weight is just that, what YOU are happy with not what some trash rag of a mag says you should be.
    3806 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    Good thinking... screw the article!
    3807 days ago
    My "happy weight" came out to 127. The smallest I've ever been as an adult was 128 and I still didn't like the way I looked. My clothes were cute but I just had an all too narrow look to me.. like a giraffe or something. My goal of 135 seems much more realistic to me!
    3807 days ago
    You know what? My happy weight is 197. In 2006, I lost 83 pounds, and got down to that weight. I liked it there. I felt great, I could shop in regular stores, and I thought I looked pretty good too. I gained it all back in 2007, and now, my only goal is to get back to that place. (according to them, my happy weight should be 140, which ironically was my original goal weight, but what do they know anyway?)
    3807 days ago
    Hi Amber! You are right, your happy weight is truly what YOU would be happy with, not what some formula says. I would re-evaluate once you reach the goal weight that you decided for yourself initially and then see if you are happy with it or want to lose more. You have accomplished so much already! Don't be discouraged.
    3807 days ago
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