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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ok, I have got to get on track and stay on track. It is obvious that once on track I can actually lose weight. Then I get comfortable with the schedule and slowly get away from it. So this time my goal is not to get comfortable. When I feel that comfy zone setting in, I have got to change to keep going in the right direction.

I have not met one goal. It is like goals and challenges scare me so much I just start eating. So with God and with His power only will I be able to treat my body as the Holy Temple that it is.

My goal is to do anything possible to keep all of my activities God centered. "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as unto the Lord and not unto men." Colossians 3:23

This daily Accountability Blog is something new for me. I am asking anyone and everyone who happens across this to help me by subscribing and commenting. Don't be afraid to tell me the way it is. I do not like having to walk on egg shells and I do not expect anyone to walk on egg shells around me.

I will stop and blog daily . Dawn
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    This is really for yesterday. I over ate again. Yuck. We went out for Chinese. I must say I was not able to eat like I used to eat when at a buffet. YEAH! And then at church I only ate 2 subway cookies. ]

    3803 days ago
    OH, what a day!!!!!! I did it. I am with in calories. And it wasn't a problem. I even got all my fiber in, fruits and veggies and low sodium!!!!!! I am just finishing up my water.

    My DD wants me to get exercising. I told her lets take this one step at a time. Before I have gone all gun ho and so stressed myself out. So the exercise will be coming.

    The best part. Someone sent me a message and asked me if I was spending time in the word and in prayer before I ate. So I made it my personal challenge today. And it really helped. I read Proverbs 22 this morning before breakfast. Prayed before lunch. By supper it was a quick prayer. And I am eating my snacks. Tomorrow I am going to do better. Thank you and Praise God. Dawn
    3804 days ago
    Yes!!! Becca! I must say my thinking is starting to change. I am actually thinking about what I eat again, instead of just eating. I am still over doing it. I do have quite a ways to go.

    Sunday I do ok until after the evening church service. Fran brought more subway cookies and I helped myself to 4.

    Today, DH went in the ditch, we went to Sioux Falls with the truck so he could pull his car out. Well after all of the excitement we went to KFC. I did do great for breakfast, just one serving of Mini Wheats. And for supper I ate come all bran wheat crackers, I tent to fall asleep driving home in the dark, my excuse was to help me stay awake.

    I need to figure out some routine changes to help me not want to munch. I am thinking of finding some out of the house activities the girls and I can get involved in. When I am able to keep my mind busy, to busy to think, I don't think about food until the girls say they are starving because it is way past meal time.

    I have been allowing the girls to just eat fruit for lunch (or a yogurt) if they are not very hungry. We have also been eating less for breakfast (well except for weekends with Dad). I figure I should not be forcing them to eat so much food. Going by what WIC suggests children should eat, it is more food than the girls ever eat. And they are completely healthy. Growing up I always thought that I needed to eat a full meal each meal, I am sure this thinking has not helped me and I do not want the girls thinking they have to eat just to eat. I want them to learn to eat to live and eat to be healthy. Adn for those that think our children are deprived of sugary treats. Fruit is their sugar at home, we do not drink pop, or even coo lade at home. They know they will get treats at church or if we go to a buffet and they eat a good meal. We only buy bakes chips once in a while so they really do not eat any junk food at home. They do love hot dogs, I give in and buy a pkg or two a month. I know they are not healthy. This last time they went almost 2 months with no hot dogs. YEAH!! So what did DH do the last time we went shopping, bought them beanie weenies (gag me) and I gave in a bought 3 pkgs of hot dogs, they ate one and I think they have forgotten that there are two more in the freezer( I conveniently hid them in the back of the freezer, LOL).

    Ok, Becca you have challenged me. I am going to leave me some notes in the kitchen cubbards this evening. And bring up some full length mirrors from the basement, so when I go into the kitchen I see what I look like and think twice about what I reach for. Dawn
    3805 days ago
    Ok, I stumbled! Here I am! Let's do it!!
    I'm on day 6 and goin' strong! Are you with me???? :)
    3805 days ago
    Well here it is day 2 and I an already over calorie and all I ate was lunch. It is a good thing I did take the time to record my food. Water is all I can take in for the rest of the day. I am also going to get some exercise in later today.
    3808 days ago
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