Exercise Paranoia or Why do I feel so Stupid

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why is it so hard to exercise? Why do I feel like the walls are watching me and making fun of me when I begin? It's almost like a paranoia. I know how funny I look when I do dance exercises since this alien took over my body, but why am I having trouble making myself do pilates, yoga, or other relatively easy exercise? Well, maybe not easy since I gained all of this weight but I don't think I look as stupid. Does anyone feel this way? So, when I do finally make myself do the pilates or whatever, I get discouraged so easily because it is so hard to move my body. I love the water exercises because it is easier to move, but I'm not sure they are giving me the result I want. I need to get over all of this, I just don't know how. Admitting that is the first step.
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    You want some cheese with that whine? Oh Deb! Aren't we something? That's the challenge. Owning our less than perfect bodies that weren't given all those beautiful smooth moves. I am finally learning (and I'm only admitting this to you so that you can call me on it when you see me "giving up") that working through the discomfort is what is really going to make us healthy! You push through that discomfort and hopefully you will see just how wonderful your body is. You are the world's expert on the Deb Dance. There is not another dancer in the world that can do your moves! Isn't that awesome! You're not stupid. You're Deb! Have a great day my friend!
    4786 days ago
    I believe we all have our self-concious moments, but when I have mine, that is when I picture what I am going to look like if I keep up the dancing or strength training, then the image comes to mind of what I'm going to look like if I don't....
    Guess what?! I then tell myself, get over your fat self and move on to your fit and healthy bod!
    4787 days ago
    Hi, Deb. My son has been telling me lately that "it's not all about you." We live in our heads and think that comments, looks, glances, smiles, whatever, from others are directed at us. Not so, my friend. Some are, of course, since some people have to judge others to make themselves feel better, but most folks are having the same doubts about what others are thinking about them. One of my best friends has begun exercising and losing weight; she has rheumatoid arthritis and is close to 250 pounds. Her best moments at the gym come from watching the young things enter the gym and judge her stamina and endurance, and then watching them leave the gym before she has finished her routines.
    You gotta take out of it what you need and leave all those negative thoughts behind as best you are able.
    Peace and happiness. Meychey
    4789 days ago
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    The scariest thing I have done, was to walk out into the pool area wearing my bathing suit...I was terrified. Then I looked around me and saw that we were all shapes and sizes and all there for the same thing... to exercise. I just kept telling myself " if they don't like what they see, then they don't have to look". " I need to get healthy, and they are not going to stop me".
    Maybe you need to tell yourself that too as you are exercising...either mentally or out loud depending on where you are...You deserve to be healthy and by gosh you are going to be. If the walls don't like it...too bad.
    I understand what you are saying though. As you go along that feeling will pass as you learn to concentrate on the exercise and how good you feel when doing them and less on how you might look to others.
    Thinking of you.
    4789 days ago
    When I first started working out, I was always really embaressed and felt like an idiot. I worked out at the gym at my school and it seemed like everyone around me had perfect bodies and they were all staring at me and juding me. Eventually I realized, what do I care what these people think about me? It's more important what I think about myself and I wasn't happy with that. I suggest you start real slow. Work out for 10 minutes if you feel uncomfortable and then slowly build it up. Eventually, you'll be working out for at least 30 minutes and you'll feel great. Good luck!
    4789 days ago
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