Saturday, January 12, 2008

How many of you resist the idea that you are obese? Or, how many of you take pains to "hide" that extra pooch or roll? How often do you feel embarrassed.. or worse, ridiculed or humiliated? I'm not talking about your own personal awareness or concern about being overweight. I'm talking about prejudice.
I think one of the reasons it's so psychologically difficult to include ourselves in the ranks of the obese is because of media stereotyping. It's still WAY ok to be prejudiced against the obese. Why is it that all of the television programs devoted to fat people force those poor folks to take off all of their clothes while the camera pans their bodies over and over again. The cable channels, like DHC are the most guilty of this. Don't you just love how the camera lingers on the chewing mouths of overweight people eating? The message is simply this. Look at how disgusting these people are.
I certainly want to lose weight. I sure do want to be healthier and stronger. I would love to feel more comfortable in my clothes. BUT! The stereotyping and finger pointing by media which encourages some people to judge, torment, and harass ANYONE who is overweight needs to stop. I never watch those programs, and I hope none of you do either. Obesity is a health issue.. period.
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    I completely resist the idea of being obese. I'm still shocked that all of the charts I've recently referenced refer to my weight, or my current status as obese. Surely these charts are wrong, incomplete and/or out-of-date. I'll just keep looking for a chart that tells me I'm not obese. That's what I keep hoping for ... the chart that will lie to me... like I'm lying to myself.

    The media is notorious for influencing people to feel bad about themselves. We allow the media to create American culture. Whatever the media gods want to shove in front our faces, we believe without question. Therefore, creating a society that is like no one who lives in that society. Being obese is unhealthy. It's not ugly. Being something that's different than what society feels is odd is not bad. It's a hard job to fight media and society.

    I am a "reality"/documentary TV junkie. I love any TV show that deals with the drama of anyone's life. I wanna see the dysfunction and drama in other peoples lives. I love to watch the "reality" of an obese person trying to loose hundreds of pounds. I want to see their success and failures. I also want to see what would happen to me if I continue to eat myself into the morbidly obese section of those charts.

    Obesity is a health issue. An issue that is affecting my life and the lives of my loved ones. If we can't look at a morbidly obese person, if we turn away, we are turning away from ourselves and what we will become if we don't "peek" in. I'm not saying that TV is the greatest vehicle to educate someone on what is like to be morbidly obese, but right now it's all we got.
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