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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Okay, now it is time to take care of myself. I have taken care of my kids and hubby for a while and let me go downhill....all the way to the bottom. My hubby is a big guy--6'4" and around 225lbs. I have finally realized I cannot eat like he does--or I'm going to weigh what he does! So

I am making me better...any ideas to help me out?
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    You've come to the right place.

    Ok for and most important equation:

    Calories in + Calories Out = Daily Calorie Deficit/Surplus
    Surplus = Weight Gain
    Deficit = Weight Loss

    Period! That's it.

    Now the tools;

    Entering your Calories In gives you the visibility to Quality and Quantity of your daily food choices. Plan to use this for a minimum of 6 months to train yourself. Do it every day, never miss a day!

    Entering your Calories Out (Fitness) gives you the visibility to your activity level. Know that you can undo years of damage by starting today, proven scientific fact!

    The blogs, articles, groups, pages, etc... Are all about MOTIVATION. Have someone else join or quickly make friends in a group to have a cheering section.

    Then finally, deal will the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE decision by following this bit of advice.

    In a nutshell, there are three points in time that we must come to fully understand and accept;

    PAST - Every moment of your life prior to this very moment
    PRESENT - This very moment, a blink of an eye.
    FUTURE - Every moment in your future.

    Now all these time frames are comprised of nanoseconds, or moments. Given enough of them they make minutes, hours, days, lifetimes...

    Once the moment is in your PAST - You cannot alter it. Repeat, you cannot alter it! It is gone, done, past. If you spend time in your PAST wondering, what if I had did this or tried that, you are simply wasting valuable present moments. You can review your past but you should not spend any energy trying to alter it, you cannot.

    The moments in your FUTURE have not happened yet. You cannot control them. Repeat, they do not exist, therefore you have no control over them. They are blank moments, yet to be filled in by your actions in this PRESENT. Which leads me to the most important, actually the only IMPORTANT time frame you have to concern yourself with, the NOW.

    The PRESENT is the only place you have control of. That's it. You only have this fleeting nanosecond to worry about. And here is the real power of this thought, you don't even have to worry about it. You just have to execute this very MOMENT to its fullest. If you execute in the PRESENT, your FUTURE will unfold as you desire, your PAST will be full of fewer and fewer "WHAT IF's". If you miss a moment, WHAM, it's into the PAST, FORGET ABOUT IT! Just don't blow the very next moment.

    Living in the NOW is so much easier than reliving the PAST or worrying about the FUTURE.

    NOW is the time
    3755 days ago
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