Big Bertha Rises Again!

Friday, January 11, 2008

I feel like I was slapped down yesterday. I had been doing pretty well with this new diet and knew I was losing some weight. I had guessed when I put in my weight to begin with because I don't have any working scales. Yesterday, I went to the doctor for a routine visit and they weighed me. I was so excited to get weighed so I could see how much I had lost. What a shock! I had actually seriously missed my guess on my weight by about 20 lbs! I could not believe that those numbers were my numbers. Immediately, I felt like the fattest person on earth and I started bawling, right there in the doctor's office. I coudn't stop for anything. I tried, but the tears kept coming. I felt stupid and fat and so very discouraged. The doctor came in and we started talking about it.... how I have tried so many diets and lost lots of weight: 70lbs on this one, 50lbs on that one, etc. But, I always gain it back because I didn't change my habits... I just restricted myself from this food or that one and nobody can live like that forever. So, after much discussion, my doctor decided to try me on a diet pill to help suppress my appetite and give me more energy. HIs condition is that I have to join weight watchers and come in once a month with my weight watchers cards before he will renew the prescription. I figured, I have tried everything else, why not? So, here I go. I'm still going to do Spark but I guess I will be going to weight watchers meetings too. Please pray for me. I have hit the bottom of the barrel here.... again. I feel broken and huge.... It is like the mental picture I had of myself suddenly became that of one of those people who can't even get through the front door of their home. I feel like everyone who sees me is seeing FAT first and not seeing me at all. :-(
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    Hey if you are going to wt watchers then go by their scale. That is how you will update weekly. If you go get a scale check to see how close it is to the WW scale.
    4430 days ago
    How horrible. I can imagine how you feel as I have done the same thing in guessing my weight only to find that I am sorely mistaken.
    It sounds like you have an understanding doctor who is interested in you physical and mental health. It is important to read everything you can about the pills you are taking and there side effects and workings with other meds. I was prescribe something once that was supposed to make me feel satisfied and one of the side effects was hunger!! No wonder that diet failed.
    Weight Watchers has one of the largest success for long term lifestyle changes but you have to stick to it.
    You need to set some realistic goals daily, short term, and long term. For instance if you are not accustomed to eating fruit start with one a day. When you have achieved this add another. That daily water goal is very important.
    Stay on the message boards and never eat in front of the computer. This will help keep you motivated. You are not alone.
    4430 days ago
    just a quick update- I went to the weight watchers center and signed up. The funny thing is they weighed me there and I was almost 15lbs lighter than the doctor's office said yesterday.... So, how do I update my ticker, now? lol....
    4431 days ago
    Hun, almost all of have been in your same shoes. I was 14 when my doc said I was "MORBIDLY OBESE" To a 14 year old that is like the end of the world. Not only was I fat, but I was MORBIDLY fat...I cried for days, made my self physically sick by refusing to eat then binging. It was bad, no it was horrible. I made it through by going to a nutritionist that specialized in young adults. I'm still fat but now, years later, I those words still haunt me. Good Luckand I am praying for you.
    4431 days ago
  • JESS_2008
    I know how you feel! I have tried so many different things before, would lose a bit of weight and gain it right back as soon as I stopped the diet. Recently, I have been at my highest, thats why I am here as is the case with so many other people! Please, just know that this is a temporary setback, you can do this, I can do this, we all can do this! You have myself, and many other people in here for support, don't be afraid to use us! I wish you much success with everything... and remember.... YOU CAN DO THIS!
    4431 days ago
    I know this is a set back. They biggest part is how you feel. Reset your goals. Go in and put in your weight and see where you can be down the road. Then realize that your goal is two pounds for the next week. It maybe a little more or a little less, but even if you loose 5 lbs then the next weeks goal is still 1-2 lbs. It is frustration. It does knock the best of us down, but you know how to do it. Knowing spark people will help with weight watchers. I did WW, but I had not idea what calories I was eating. You can look at WW as a tool. Just like the nutrition tracker or the fitness tracker. You aren't leaving us....just adding to us. Get that boost. You wil feel better in a week or two when you see the numbers change. This isn't the end of the world. You can overcome this.
    4432 days ago
    I know how you feel because I felt this way before. I also lost weight in the past and gained it back. I felt miserable and frustrated. I have come to realized that these emotions (that's all they are) could not help me. I need to learn how to change my thinking about myself, my life, and Food. I believe the success to weight loss is changing your attitude. This is the first step to success in any area of your life. Don't concentrate on your past mistakes and failures. Think of something positive to focus on. I am sure you can think of something. I can for you, here's one: You woke up this morning to a brand new day, a day of new opportunities. Concentrate on this day - just this day. Forget about the past or the future for now, and believe in yourself today. Don't thnk about losing weight, but making smart, healthy choices today! Changing your attitude will help you change your future.

    p.s. I know you can lose weight because you did it before, and you can do it again - and keep it off forever!
    4432 days ago
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